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XBS Digital Services

A strategic partner for a digital future at Motus Commercials

This leading commercial vehicle group has embraced digital working with mstore to be more efficient, flexible and compliant, and help realise their vision for a paperless dealership

About the Client

Motus has moved from managing over 50 documents per vehicle sale in a paper based deal file, to paperless working with mstore to deliver big on flexibility, efficiency and compliance across their dealerships.Roll out across service, warranty and accounts remains in their sights, recognising the powerful scalability of mstore to transform working right across the business.

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The Challenge

The scalability of mstore

  • 50+ documents per deal file generated

  • Maintaining compliance hampered by reliance on paper

  • Time wasted searching for documentation

The Solution

Mstore’s competitive edge

  • mstore brings process and paperwork into one accessible location

  • Rev 8 DMS and Reef interface streamlines workflow

  • Access to files, even during busy weekend trading

  • Scope to scale up to digitise business wide

The Results

A more flexible and efficient workforce

  • Sales can focus on selling rather than paperwork

  • AI has f reed up admin time for invoicing etc

  • Enabled flexible working and business continuity

"Now you can just access documents wherever you are and that’s the beauty of it. Having someone spending a morning looking for a particular file isn’t the best use of that person’s time. Whereas with mstore, a click on a mouse, and you’ve got the information wherever you’re working.

Covid probably brought what we were looking at doing forward a lot sooner. We’re in the position where we can carry on with our business without any huge disruptions because we’re well set up for it."

– Eddie Clarke-Edwards, Head Of LCV Finance & Business Process

Now it's your turn to

Make a Digital Transformation

Let’s talk about your digital journey to more efficient ways of working.

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Document management

Going digital can start with replacing your most clunky paper-based processes, helping you become more efficient, flexible, secure and audit-ready, as well as more sustainable.

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