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Security and Compliance

Reducing the risk of disruption, penalties and reputational damage

Protecting your organisation

Security threats can come from anywhere - inside or outside your business environment. They can be intentional or just a simple employee mistake, making it difficult to stop them from happening. The increase in remote working has drastically expanded the attack surface for most organisations, and cyber attacks are on the rise.

A comprehensive security strategy crosses several layers, from data and documents, to people and devices, and the regulations that govern your business. Rigorous risk assessments, security control analysis, and compliance assessments help us implement the right tactics to safeguard your organisation.

Embedding Security

It is important that organisations manage their security and employee policies and procedures for malware and attacks, data leakages, cloud computing and more, and ensure endpoint security for all entry points including personal devices and print infrastructure.

Organisations of all sizes can benefit from our cyber security, privacy and compliance capabilities. Security embedded into content and collaboration platforms also helps keep your data and content safe and avoid unauthorised disclosure of information that could result in penalties and put your reputation at risk. Documentation and process are also evidenced with visible audit trails keeping you compliant and audit ready.

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Securing your organisation

Our broad IT and digital portfolio and in house expertise enables us to create services that keep your business secure and compliant. We can help you implement your own security and risk management approach, or provide it to you as a service, and create robust digitised workflows that are audit ready for hassle-free compliance.

Our Managed Endpoint Detection and Response services provide next generation proactive detection and resolution of behaviours that indicate a threat. A secure print infrastructure, with configuration policies and automatic compliance validation, protects your entire IT infrastructure. Controlled access to documents and visibility to manage compliance along with locked down security from unauthorised disclosure further protects your data and content.

IT Services

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Cloud Hosted Solutions

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XBS ISO 27001 IT Services

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Stay Secure and Compliant

Transform to an audit-ready, secure workplace without the hassle.