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Preserving our environment

Our commitment to running a sustainable business

We recognise that Arena has a major role to play in crafting a cleaner planet. We are committed to managing our greenhouse gas emissions and going beyond the standard office pledges to turn the lights off and cycle to work. Sustainability is at the very core of our offering and the way we operate as a company.

“We must lead the charge towards a better planet and make sure offices across the country, including our own, are sustainable and energy efficient.”

— Gary Putson, XBS Managing Director

Our initiatives

Extending the Life of Devices

Our BSI-accredited remanufacturing facility extends the life of thousands of devices every year. Xerox remanufactured devices featured at the COP26 conference, with devices being donated to charities including Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity in the local area to extend the legacy of this landmark event in Glasgow.

We continue to invest in research and development in this important contributor to the circular economy enabling us to offer products that reduce waste by 90% and energy consumption by over 40%.

Remanufacturing extends the life of our technology. YouTube Video
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Sustainability With Support

Our engineers live and work in the communities they serve. Our remote teams and sensor technology enable resolution before you even know there’s a problem, or you can utilise self-help resources designed to empower our customers if this is your preference. This enables us to burn less fuel, have quicker response times and maintain your device uptime.

A Local Focus

Our community plays a vital role in our business and we like to help where we can. With staff volunteering activities, we support the local community with different projects - from fundraising to hands on tree planting and litter picking. We also believe that looking after your office environment means more than keeping your desk tidy!

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Joined Forces

As part of Xerox Business Solutions, we have become part of a worldwide drive to make a positive impact on our global communities. Xerox is operating business in a sustainable way, have a roadmap in place to achieve carbon neutrality no later than 2040 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 60% by 2030.

Reducing devices and paper usage not only saves immediate costs through raw materials and energy usage, but also saves supply chain costs in manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing.

A Print Fleet Force for Good - 100,000 planted and 1 billion printed pages offset in 2020 icon

100,000 trees planted in 2020

1 billion printed pages offset in 2020

60% reduction greenhouse gas by 2030 carbon neutrality by 2040 icon

Reduce greenhouse gases 60% by 2030

Carbon neutrality by 2040

Energy Star and EPEAT certified logo

Xerox devices are Energy Star and EPEAT certified

Energy Star Partner of the Year Award in 2022

Paper sourcing, paper use, recycled paper and eco responsible paper offerings are designed to preserve forests and the environment including the Xerox Reforestation Service.

Xerox Partners with PrintReleaf to Reforest Parts of the Globe YouTube Video

Xerox has been recognised by multiple organisations as a leader in sustainability and was selected to support the essential print and copying services across the entire COP26 conference. King Charles III also conferred an inaugural Terra Carta Seal award on Xerox at COP26, recognising the serious commitment Xerox has made to a future that is much more sustainable, and puts Nature, People and the Planet at the heart of the economy.

Xerox continues to look to the future and has added an innovation pillar to focus on developing sustainable products and services, in particular identifying innovations that help reduce harmful emissions around the world.

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