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Digital Working for Better Customer Services at Sandown Mercedes-Benz

Digital helps to deliver outstanding service

mstore for automotive is delivering improvements to efficiency, customer service and compliance for the service team at Sandown Mercedes-Benz’s six sites across the south of England.

Company Background

With around 250 cars worked on daily, and every warranty or recall event requiring collation of paper documents in each job pack at times in the hundreds, it was time for a rethink.

11,000 warranty or recall activities managed in mstore in first five months to improve efficiency and revenue.

THE CHALLENGE: Maintaining cash flow

  • Dependence on internal post run to a central administration team

  • Delays in processing warranty claims

  • Poor access to data and documentation

THE SOLUTION: Easy access to documentation

  • mstore provides a controlled, secure

  • Relevant paperwork automatically indexed against the registration

  • Diagnostic reports automatically filed

  • Missing documents and deadlines flagged

THE RESULTS: Ensuring compliance

  • Prompt warranty submission maintains cash flow

  • Manufacturer penalties avoided for missing items

  • More time available for service quality and customer satisfaction

"The chances of losing the data or getting documents dropped at the wrong site is now eliminated. mstore is far more secure and document retention is managed automatically. mstore is a very stable and straightforward system. We’ve had no issues and the team have found it straightforward to use and picked it up very easily"

Charlie Charman, Group Head of After Sales at Sandown



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