Benefits of mstore:

Our knowledge and expertise of document management and workflows are trusted and proven in diverse sectors. From streamlining mailrooms for law firms to digitising deal files in the automotive sector, we can adapt mstore to suit your needs rather than selling something 'out the box.' And with functionality, features and expertise developed over three decades, we can enable digital working business-wide and integrate with your existing systems for seamless working.

The mstore platform is designed to help create a less paper office whilst driving efficiencies and minimising related costs.
  • Improved customer service response - all your documents at your fingertips
  • Improved efficiency - no more searching for paper documents
  • Reduced workload surrounding audits and inspections
  • More productivity - free up headcount from manual tasks
  • Reduced storage demands and costs
  • Document security - controlled access to sensitive data
  • Continuity planning - protection from fire, flood, theft or loss
  • Simplified and comprehensive regulatory compliance
  • Remote access, 24/7 - from anywhere with an internet connection, including some mobile devices.
I wanted to do it properly so I opted to work in partnership with a provider who understands document management. When you speak to Arena you realise what’s possible. Someone turns the lights on, and that’s when the cogs start whirling. They’re intelligent people which fills me with confidence, so I have no doubt that it will deliver what it says on the tin.” 

Soper BMW
Managing Director

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Use Cases

The possibilities are endless. So click through to browse some examples and receive some inspiration.

Document Scanning

Document Scanning graphic

Our document scanning service could be a simply start on your digital transformation journey, taking clunky paper documents off your hands and converting them to a digital format.

Archived paper documents are inefficient and hard to manage, not to mention the valuable storage space they take up. Our scanning service, integrated with our document management system, mstore, will help overcome these issues and improve the way you work with documents.

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Digital Mailroom

Digital Mailroom Graphic

Managing incoming mail can take up valuable time. Our digital mailroom solution automates your mail processes, allowing you to focus your time on helping customers.

Your organisation’s incoming post is scanned and automatically filed into your document management system, instantly notifying the relevant user that a new document is available to action.

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Electronic Signatures

Discover the opportunities in your workplace to improve your processes with the introduction of electronic signatures.

Capturing signatures digitally removes unnecessary delays waiting for paperwork, speeds up commitment to agreements, improves security and boosts user experience. Whether you prefer sign on glass or encrypted, we can get you up and running with slicker ways of working.

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