An Allianz report found that organisations now believe the biggest business interruption risk is a Cyber Incident, over a fire or explosion or a natural catastrophe1. According to the latest Government cyber security survey 2, 31% or organisations are subject to weekly cyber-attacks, of which 83% are though phishing attacks suggesting we need to do more to create a culture of security in our organisations with our people acting as our last line of defence. Find out more by watching our IT security webinar on demand.

IBM reports 3 the two main cause of breaches were stolen or compromised credentials from social engineering but also misconfigured cloud servers. Many organisations simply do not have the resources or budget for dedicated in-house security analysts, leaving them more vulnerable. 

Our Advanced Security services: 

  • Protect the data assets you need to use daily from ransomware demands 
  • Help you to stay safe from expensive disruption, unnecessary distraction and financial penalties 
  • Avoid the loss of customers, earnings, reputation and company value  

1. Allianz Cyber Risk Trends 2020    
2. UK Government Cyber Security Survey 2022
3. IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020

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We've reviewed the latest Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey (published March 2022) and the IBM Cost of Breaches Survey (2021) to pick out the highlights in this infographic.

See how our IT Security Services stack up against the threats and challenges these surveys reveal.

Keeping your business secure

IT Security has become a vital investment for your organisation. If things go wrong, there's a lot at stake. We take every step to make sure your infrastructure, network and cloud is secure. Our managed services include:
  • Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) On-going, internal and external enterprise level scanning providing real time analysis and reporting of any vulnerabilities scalable to your organisation. Weekly reporting and immediate remediation recommendations minimise threats. 
  • Security Awareness Training & Testing as a Service (SATTaaS) Interactive Security Training combined with simulated phishing attacks on users empowers users to become Human Firewalls. A Virtual Risk Officer reports on organisational weaknesses. 
  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) Providing all the skills, experience and responsibilities associated with a full-time post, but on a temporary or part-time basis, providing advice and supporting the organisation through compliance measures.

Bespoke Security Services

We create your own unique security service, right sized for your needs

  • The right security services optimised to maximise protection and reduce risk within your budget. 
  • Reduce insurance costs, increase your certifications and improve compliance.  
  • Xerox security services require no upfront investment with costs spread evenly over the year. 
Our people are our superpower. Top security talent means exceptional service 24x7x365 for your organisation. The Xerox Global Information Security Team boast over 100 years combined experience backed by worldwide security operation information and event management capabilities  

IT Services Certifications

Our IT Services are Cyber Essentials Plus certified which means that internal security systems have been independently audited and any data held is suitably protected. IT Services are also ISO 27001 certified, the international standard for IT security with best practice information management software in place.

Book a Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

Our Microsoft 365 Security Assessment has been developed to help organisations understand their current risk profile and the actions required to remediate any security threats.

We proactively review common misconfigurations, licensing capabilities, exploitation methods and best practices, and help you to move towards a Zero Trust Security approach. The assessment also helps reduce the overall organisational risk and ensure optimised protection and visibility for events occurring within a Microsoft 365 tenant. Our experts will report on the most pressing security risks and recommend mitigations to reduce risk.

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