Keeping your business secure

IT Security has become a vital investment for your organisation. If things go wrong, there's a lot at stake. We take every step to make sure your infrastructure, network and cloud is secure.
  • Network security prevents unauthorised access to your network that can compromise the usability, integrity and reliability of essential systems in your business.
  • Internet security such as software firewalls, antimalware and antispyware, protects your information and data sent in browsers and web-based applications.
  • Endpoint security protects at device level, increasingly relevant as more flexible working includes Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) that connect to your network. Mobiles, tablets, and laptops and desktop computers are prevented from accessing malicious networks and device software protected.
  • The flexibility of cloud computing brings its own challenges as users connect directly to the internet are not protected by traditional IT security.

Our IT Security Methodology

As an IT Managed Service customer, we stress test your IT Security to the limit with a range of tools and methods.

  • Penetration testing is an artificial cyber attack tool used to rigorously test your IT Security and checking the levels of security is in place.  This also provides evidence for ISO or the GDPR.24/7 Monitoring
  • Our 24/7 proactive managed service detects threats before they become an issue, identifying where we need to fortify your IT security and improve your overall operation.
  • Our proactive approach provides advice on disaster recovery measures and make sure all bases are covered in the event of an attack or a malfunction. 
  • A daily back up check routinely tests security - a simple step that can often be overlooked by busy IT teams.

IT Services Certifications

Our IT Services are Cyber Essentials Plus certified which means that internal security systems have been independently audited and any data held is suitably protected. IT Services are also ISO 27001 certified, the international standard for IT security with best practice information management software in place.

Book a Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

Our Microsoft 365 Security Assessment has been developed to help organisations understand their current risk profile and the actions required to remediate any security threats.

We proactively review common misconfigurations, licensing capabilities, exploitation methods and best practices, and help you to move towards a Zero Trust Security approach. The assessment also helps reduce the overall organisational risk and ensure optimised protection and visibility for events occurring within a Microsoft 365 tenant. Our experts will report on the most pressing security risks and recommend mitigations to reduce risk.

Fill out the form to book a Microsoft 365 Security Assessment with one of our analysts and find out about the security threats to your business... 

It's time act on security!

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