Our End User Compute offering delivers the latest personal computing technology and takes the burden away from you and your teams. That's total support and zero disruptions with our White Glove Service from Xerox.

Our end-to-end solutions are built around your team and aligned to your business goals. A dedicated, local team
can build, service and maintain the technology, as well as providing training and support as required, freeing you up to focus on what adds more value to your business.

Stay Up and Running

Keep your people and teams up and running whilst we work behind the scenes. We take care of new technology set up, and stay on top of essential updates, avoiding all unnecessary distractions or disruption to your team. That gives you the time and headspace to focus on strategy, projects and other essential work that powers your business forward.

Simplify Lifecycle Management

Whilst you focus on your core operations, we take care of the management of contracts, run maintenance schedules, perform software updates, and repair and service your IT stack. You get more done whilst ensuring you get the most from your investment.

Bringing Teams and Tech Together

Not only do we build, install and manage technology, we’ll also train your people how to use it and get the mostout of it simply and securely. Once again, we're optimising your investment without the burden of the nuts and bolts of IT being on your shoulders.

Sorting Your Peripherals

It's not just about the big stuff. We take care of everything from remote storage to headsets, wireless keyboards and all those essentials that your people need to get their jobs done - without putting you to any trouble!

Saving Money and Time

Solid relationships with top hardware providers like Lenovo and Dell give us access to attractive pricing, services and support that we can pass on to you.

Global buying power gives us the edge over other local providers, as we can share these advantages with you at point of purchase and for the lifetime of your products.

Local touch, global reach.

You get the best of both worlds. Your day-to-day contacts remain accessible and familiar, and you can also benefit from the collective know-how of hundreds of Xerox IT specialists worldwide. That's doubly reassuring for busy IT teams.

Let's get started!

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