It's time to do your daily outgoing post the simple way. Free up time from mundane preparation, from stuffing envelopes to managing the physical logistics of delivering to the post box or mailroom. Even managing stationery supplies or your franking machine account can become a thing of the past. Meanwhile, you free up space for accommodating it all, and tackle rising postage costs with one simple change to how you work.

With Hybrid Mail, you can sort your outgoing post from wherever you are working and at any time, making remote, flexible and home working a reality. It’s simply print to post, desktop to doorstep, with zero disruption to your working day.

Cost effective post

  • Save up to 40% on print and postage
  • No franking machine required
  • No bulk buying of paper and envelopes


Free up staff time

  • Eliminate office labour for traditional mail - never stuff an envelope again!
  • Staff can send physical letters in just a few clicks
  • Restructure or refocus teams on more productive activities
  • Empower mobile and remote staff to post from anywhere

Secure outgoing mail records

  • Track all outgoing post
  • Easily provide evidence and audit trail of your traditional mail
  • Keep secure digital records of physical letters sent out

Make a start today!

Never have to stuff an envelope or rush for the post again!
Get in touch and let's rethink how you do your mail.