Streamlined agreements, slicker working

The digital age has seen the paperless office transform from a speck on the horizon to a very tangible and near reality.

The electronic signature is considered by many to be the final step, but for businesses in industries such as the legal and automotive sectors, this last leap could be the most important step.

Electronic signatures are simply the digital equivalent of the traditional, handwritten signature. These might be typed, scanned, or created using cryptography.

The ultimate goal of the electronic signature is to reduce the environmental impact of businesses; however, they also hold the ability to fast-track communication processes dramatically. In addition to the savings and enhanced productivity it can bring, digital signatures can connect business with customers from different corners of the globe.

Everything is electronic with documents such as handover packs all being generated electronically.  Physical signing of documents is now minimal.” 

Vertu Motors PLC
Head of Risk       

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You can transform how you prepare, sign, action, and manage all types of documentation and agreements
  • Improve your customer's experience
  • Enable remote, more flexible ways to close deals
  • Create a slicker, frictionless process
  • Remove delays and speed up sales
  • Save cost of print, postage and couriers
  • Available via any device and home or in the office

Take the next step to streamlined working!

However you need to use digital signatures, from sign-on-glass to full legal weight 
encrypted options, start exploring the possibilities with the experts.