Automate your onsite mailroom processes 

By scanning your incoming post, mstore can automatically send it straight into the relevant place in your system and alert the right user to its arrival, removing the need for manual sifting and distribution of information.

Our intuitive software uses OCR technology to digitally and securely read your documents, to identify and distribute correctly using unique reference codes. With Arena's digital mailroom solution, a second look up from your system validates that the document is being sent to the right place, avoiding misfiling.

Our digital mailroom can create more efficient ways of working with documents, particularly when used alongside a document management system, offering the ability to expand customer bases and process workload at a faster rate.

With an mstore digital mailroom, you can:
  • Automate process with intuitive OCR functionality
  • Save on time spent processing the post
  • Enjoy a better work-life balance with remote working
  • Securely keep documents in one centralised location
  • Increase profitability
  • Reduce archiving
  • Keep client data confidential by managing less paper
  • Have a full audit trail of all incoming documents
It’s a much more efficient process now as it allows people to work more flexibly from home as they are still getting their post assigned to their case files when away from the office, so this new flexibility gives a better work-life balance.

Fletcher Longstaff
Adam Cheal, Managing Director

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Free up space with off-site mail services.

Xerox Digital Mail Services receives your incoming mail at a secure facility, freeing up space and resource from your own office. Automated capture of all incoming mail and correspondence, whether delivered on paper, in an email, via fax or at the point of origination, then delivers structured electronic information into your business processes and systems.

You can improve speed, security and accuracy for transactional processes such as accounts payable, claims and invoice processing. And with better visibility and audit trails, you're better placed to meet your compliance and industry regulations.

Your teams can process documentation, answer customer queries, complete tasks and make timely decisions with the information they need at hand and with no delays wherever they are located.
  • Critical data reaches the right desktop or system immediately
  • Improve decision-making with up-to-date and accurate information
  • Boost productivity and reduce response and mail delivery times
  • Securely keep documents in one centralised location
  • Support corporate policies and compliance with traceability and records management
  • Flexible on-premise or cloud delivery
  • Perpetual or subscription pricing
  • Managed service or self-managed

Legal Mailroom

Legal firms are using mstore to speed up the process of distributing daily post straight into their case management system, notifying fee earners.

Our digital mailroom has been proven in multiple law firms where large numbers of incoming documents need sorting as soon as possible. Our customers have been able to speed up the management of their incoming post, allowing fee earners to action important documents quicker. These improved efficiencies, such as spending less time on admin tasks, enable fixed fee work to become more profitable, leaving them to do what they do best; help their clients.

We’ve got a good track record partnering with law firms and their existing case management system providers, to integrate with widely recognised platforms and ensure a smooth installation.

Mailroom for Financial Services

Arena's mailroom solution has been in operation in financial services for over 10 years to process and safeguard large volumes of personal and time sensitive documentation such as mortgage and account applications.

Robust digital workflows help ensure compliance to FCA guidelines, speeds up response to customer queries and improves staff productivity, as files and data are at advisers' fingertips.

Our software enables remote workers to process applications, opening up the pool of talent available whilst reducing the requirement for expensive office space. It's also easier to adapt to peaks and troughs in the market, expanding operations at pace when times are good without the need for additional headcount.

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