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The flexibility of BI dashboards means that you can connect to any database in your business and display them side by side, keeping everything in one place. 

Analytics and business intelligence software provides visual and engaging reports and graphs, meaning you don't have to be a technical genius to analyse the trends and findings. The ease of use doesn't stop there, reports can now be automated and scheduled, so you no longer have to spend time producing reports yourself. The results can be easily and securely shared with anyone and you can modify the views that different users see, so you can give customers a paired back, high level view and others a full detailed view. ​

Making important business decisions can be difficult. Business intelligence software helps decision makers by using real-time data, so the results are always up to date, enabling quick and backed-up decision-making. ​

Our clients have full visibility to the online portal giving them real time information about their supply chain, what was dispatched and delivered, assisting Culina in meeting expectations and requirements 365 days a year.

Culina Chilled Foods
Sarah Toth, Head of Customer Services

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Features and benefits 

Business intelligence dashboards are a great tool to help influence decision making through analytics and real-time data. The software gets to the heart of how people want to improve their business. Here's some key features and benefits of the solution:
  • Filter and drill down to underlying data
  • Simple chart creation
  • Track KPIs and get alerts when thresholds are met
  • Highlight problems and opportunities
  • Easily share dashboards with other users
  • True real-time data
  • Connect to any on-premise or cloud database
  • Robust security
  • Restrict access to certain users
  • Quick browser-based access

A perfect match

Our document management software, mstore, is the perfect match for BI dashboards. 

Business intelligence dashboards are easily integrated with mstore, providing you with the right tools to manage your documents and information in one streamlined process. mstore gives you the ability to handle your business workflows, and now, with the BI software, you get a detailed look into the data that mstore manages, to fine-tune your processes and help you make informed decisions on your business.

Find out more about streamlining your workflows with mstore. 

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