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For many of our customers, going digital starts with removing clunky paper from processes. We tackle pain points and deliver the benefits of a less paper workplace, helping you become more efficient, secure, greener and audit ready. Enjoy familiar ways of working, without the limitations of paper. There really is nothing to worry about.

Replace your paper-based processes with mstore, our document management software configured to your business needs. Capture, share, process, store and retrieve documents more efficiently to deliver on compliance, productivity, sustainability and a whole heap of other benefits.

In-Bound and Out-Bound Mail Services

Our digital services can help you to manage the documents and information flowing into and out of your business better, unlocking a whole host of benefits:
  • Streamline processes
  • Free up time from mundane admin
  • Get your incoming mail directly into your systems
  • Improve customer responsiveness
  • Enable remote working
  • Improve the quality of your customer communications
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • And much more....
With a choice of digital services for your incoming and outgoing mail, both on-site and outsourced, we can offer the right solution to meet your needs, and scale up over time. Check out our mail services below.
"The fee earners have definitely seen a time saving in when they receive their post. It now means an expensive resource to the business isn’t getting bogged down with basic admin tasks anymore."

Gordon's LLP
IT Manager

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Hybrid Mail

Outsource your outgoing mail fulfilment all for less than the cost of a second class stamp!

Hybrid mail is the simple way to handle your outgoing post from wherever you chose to work. Your documents – letters, invoices, marketing and other correspondence – is sent direct from your desktop to the secure production facility, where it is printed, enclosed and posted, then delivered to the recipient’s doorstep by Royal Mail. You can even opt for delivery via mobile or email to suit recipient’s preferences.
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Digital Mailroom

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Managing incoming mail can take up valuable time. Our digital mailroom solution automates your mail processes, allowing you to focus your time on helping customers.

Your organisation’s incoming post is scanned and automatically filed into your document management system, instantly notifying the relevant user that a new document is available to action.

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Smart Mail



Creating eye-catching communications is an essential way to ensure you stand out from the crowd. 

Transform how you engage your customers with streamlined, flexible Smart Mail services you manage from your desktop, creating more impact through more personalisation and impressive features whilst reducing the burden for you and your team.

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Helping you manage information right across your business

A choice of digital services to capture, manage and report on data and documentation right across your operations, giving you slicker ways of working and doing digital transformation your way.
Arena’s expertise has revolutionised our business in terms of efficiency and the quality of service we can pass on to our customers, which is always our number one priority."

Leeds Building Society
Document Services Manager

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Document Scanning

Document Scanning graphic

Our document scanning service could be a simply start on your digital transformation journey, taking clunky paper documents off your hands and converting them to a digital format.

Archived paper documents are inefficient and hard to manage, not to mention the valuable storage space they take up. Our scanning service, integrated with our document management system, mstore, will help overcome these issues and improve the way you work with documents.

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Get a 360-degree view of your business from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Having full visibility of your business is powerful and business intelligence dashboards can do just that. Creating visual and customisable reports from real-time data has never been easier, and they can be shared at the click of a button. Make more informed decisions to improve performance through our BI tools.

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Digital Sign In

Create a better visitor and employee experience with safe, seamless and secure sign in, and space booking.

A fast, smooth and secure sign in process delivers a better first impression, enhances confidence as people return to the office, and so much more. Digital Sign In also helps to keep your building safe with desk and meeting room booking via an app, capacity alerts, evacuation management and the flexibility to pre-register guests via email for an added layer of security.
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Digital Hub - Cloud Print Services

Forget the hassle of organising your print, the headache of staying on brand, and wastefulness of inventory management!

With the Xerox Digital Hub, you enjoy 24/7 online collateral ordering for all your web to print, promotional and publishing needs, that include the flexibility to customise and personalise to suit.

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Digital Patient

With Xerox Digital Patient services, we can support your transformation from paper health records to digital.

Interface with your exsting Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system and unify other disparate systems for a more streamlined integrated digital platform.
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Digital Accounts Payable


Add power to your financial operations by streamlining your key processes to improve business cash flow.

Purchase to pay software brings your business better visibility, easy processing and instant access to archives to free up admin time. Plus, you’ll see tangible savings in paper, envelopes, printing, storage and postage costs.

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Electronic Signatures

Discover the opportunities in your workplace to improve your processes with the introduction of electronic signatures.

Capturing signatures digitally removes unnecessary delays waiting for paperwork, speeds up commitment to agreements, improves security and boosts user experience. Whether you prefer sign on glass or encrypted, we can get you up and running with slicker ways of working.

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