Easy, quick auto redaction

Protection of personally identifiable information is just a scan away! 

Removing data manually is time consuming and error-prone, exposing you to the risk of penalties, compliance breaches and professional embarrassment. With the Auto-redaction App, uses artificial intelligence to scan hard copy documents and produce a fully redacted, sharable document instantly.

You simply choose a pre-set option on your MFD, and the app will automatically redact all sensitive content - names, phone numbers, emails, NI numbers, dates of birth etc. And you can preview the results before printing, emailing or filing.

You can custom redaction types easily to suit your workplace, so there's plenty of flexibility to have you up and running.

Handwriting note conversion app

No more storing of used notebooks or loss of important meeting notes.

You can still use pen and paper without compromise. This app simply converts your notes into a Word document or text file, and it becomes instantly editable, accessible and sharable.

Select the App on your MFD, scan, and the app uses artificial intelligence to convert into a digital version. You can then email it to yourself or other email addresses, saving you time and hassle.


Streamline your financial processes.

Make managing expenses and accounting tasks faster, easier and more accurate to free up time from needless admin and chasing.
  • The Connect App for Concur is a connector app linking users directly to the Concur service to streamline the expense reporting process. No more hassles and inefficiencies capturing expenses information. You simply scan multiple receipts at once then preview the scan before submitting into the Concur expense system.
  • Optimise how you work with invoices and get paid faster with Connect for Sage Intacct. Eliminate manual processing of paper, multiple steps, and errors that can slow you down. Simply scan bills and payments directly into desired ledgers. AI technology automatically extracts key invoice data, allowing you to verify and modify as necessary before submitting into your Sage Intacct account.

Translation app

A faster, easier way to translate documents - without changes to your page layout!

Where previously you may have waited days for a translator, with this app you simply scan the document and it converts into your choice of over 40 languages. Access to the information or availability of a document in your preferred language is now almost instant to an accuracy level of over 80%.

The Easy Translator Service can also provide professional human translation on demand. Simply choose your preferred level of translation to receive results via print or email.

With the translation app, language need no longer be a barrier to good communication.

Scan to the Cloud

Streamline the upload of documents and data to your cloud storage service.

The Scan to OneDrive App enables users to navigate and scan to their SharePoint Online Team Site and OneDrive folders, increasing the convenience of working with cloud storage services. With this app and your enabled device, easily print from or scan to an individual or shared account. Digitising documents becomes safe and easy with simple, intuitive steps.
  • Use your company’s Exchange credentials at login.
  • Navigate your folder structure and then easily scan your hardcopy document.
  • Quickly print one or multiple documents.


This clever app introduces lots of functionality without commiting a massive investment, so you get loads more bang for your bucks!

It's a personal favourite of our professional services team as it gives you some great document management features, print capability and modernises your IT set up, all at a very affordable price.

Documents can be accurately digitised and sent automatically to a selected storage site such as email, mstore document management, FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or SharePoint. It makes printing of documents on any device easier and faster regardless of where the task was sent. It can operate in the Cloud or be server-based to suit.

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