Sorting waste and being smarter with your print ecosystem.

It's time to tackle all of those forgotten and unclaimed pages left on the printer, creating waste and data breaches. Print needs to work better for your business to becomes less of a cost and time burden, and contribute more to flexible, frictionless working to power your productivity.

Follow me printing means users can no longer send jobs to the printer and then forget about them. Documents are only released once the user gets to the device and expiration policies mean that if the job isn't released after a certain amount of time, it will be deleted. Print policies, such as only allowing emails to be printed in mono and double sided, can be set up to keep costs and wastage down. Print software will not only save your business unnecessary costs, but will help you improve your environmental impact by creating less paper wastage. 

The printers default to mono, which has already reduced colour usage by 35%. ‘Follow Me’ printing also makes users more mindful of whether they need to print certain items. All of this is expected to reflect well on our costs and we are seeing employee behavior change for the better.

Magenta Living
Head of ICT

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Follow Me / Pull Printing

Documents left on the printer output tray for others to see is one of the most frequent breaches of security. So, don’t leave it to chance, particularly with confidential documents, data and personal information. By submitting your jobs to a secure, single queue from any PC, MAC or mobile device, you can then view, select job settings, print or delete them as you need.

This is one of the best ways to reduce waste and reduce print costs, with uncollected print jobs a thing of the past. You can also collect from a network printer of your choice, outside your classroom or meeting room, and even at a different site, ideal for picking up print jobs from work ahead of your meeting.

You can even use you Mobile App to view and release jobs from the convenience of your mobile device, more even more flexibility and contactless working.

Mobile Printing and Scanning

Provide a seamless experience for your users across all operating systems to enable print submission over the local network or across the internet from remote locations to improve productivity and support more flexible working. No need for IT support to get up and running.
  • Job submission over the internet via the cloud or a server light implementation
  • Utilise direct print or pull print for any submission method according to your security and business needs.
  • Stay inside your network or use the cloud using secure connections.
  • Simple job submission by sending your jobs via email.
  • Geolocate the closest printer in the vicinity using GPS.
  • Jobs originating from mobile devices are converted on the server to ensure against image loss.

Content Security and Print Rules

We help you take control of print activity by configuring devices to your preferred set up and providing guidance on meeting your goals for security, sustainability, cost and waste reduction.

Print rules have been proven to significantly reduce print volume and costs by restricting access to features and devices such as colour and single sided printing, and applying quotas to certain users.

Content security workflow safeguards against intellectual property loss or sensitive data breach by monitoring the documents being printed, copied or scanned across your entire fleet for specific text (e.g., ‘Confidential’ or ‘Internal Use Only’).  Content owners or administrators are notified when user-defined words or phrases are detected within a job, enabling you to take action, mitigate risk to your business and avoid non-compliance.

Accounting and Reporting

You can closely monitor printing across your organisation with consolidated fleet reporting and accounting capability.
  • At-a-glance dashboard provides rapid, real-time insights into print activity and status
  • Job-based accounting for print/fax/copy/scan and monthly usage
  • Enable job quotas to limit print volume by users by day, week or month
  • Ability to use project, matter or departments codes for rebilling purposes

Authentication and Access Control

There's a choice of flexible authentication methods available to enable convenient and secure release your print jobs or access to other functions on your device:  card, cardless, phone/tablet-based and even biometric authentication.

You have peace of mind knowing that only authorised users can access sensitive data or services, and still cater for guests safely via a simple PIN authentication. Integration with Microsoft® Active Directory, Azure AD and Okta platforms future-proof your implementation.

Further improve your user experience with single sign-on capability. Conveniently authenticate at the printer once and then securely access all your MFD single sign on enabled apps without having to remember passwords or take time to login.

Adapting to the new workplace

As technology shifts away from desktop computers to tablets and mobiles and millennials start to take over the workforce, flexible and remote working is becoming more and more popular. Businesses need to adapt to the ever-changing workplace to stay ahead of the game.

Mobility printing caters for just that. Not only is flexible and remote working becoming standard, companies are also choosing to hire more contractors and temporary workers, and they all need to be able to print. Mobility printing lets you print from anywhere from any device.

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