Free your printing 

The rapid adoption of tablets, hybrid working and cloud computing is changing how users interact with documents to a more digital and applications-based approach.

Our easy-to-use, IT-friendly cloud printing solutions allow users to work from anywhere, via laptop, tablet or smart phone, whilst offering convenience, usage insights and dashboard-based monitoring to take control of your entire fleet and protect your network from security risks.

Cloud printing is also the ideal choice for organisations with more than one network, looking to reduce their infrastructure or with limited access to IT support. Authentication is made easy via a card, NFC, app-based or keyboard or user authentication. 

Use any email-enabled mobile device to one single email address for your entire fleet, and provide a single desktop printing experience from anywhere, on any network.

Benefits of cloud printing:

  • Flexibility 
  • Supports remote working
  • Convenience and greater accessibility
  • Process improvements
  • Improved compliance
I use mobile print more than I expected. I used it once and it was easy, so now I use it more often. It enhances meetings and means that we can print documents without loading up a PC."

Harewood House
Estates Manager

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Keeping your office at your finger tips

You can enjoy a wealth of freedom through frictionless ways of working that fit around you.

Get savvy with print and scan from your own mobile device to enjoy freedom and hassle-free working. Mobile print allows you to securely print from anywhere, so you can work across multiple sites or print as you arrive. You can even print from someone else's printer via Xerox Mobile Print (link to Smart Apps content) with both with no compromise to security as authentication is required to release your print job.

Use your MFD user interface to access great tools such as to capture key information and route directly to cloud-based platforms with scanning features that help simplify tasks. There are lots of options to explore, and more on offer just around the corner.

But you don't need to get bamboozled by the techno-babble and plethora of apps. We'd love to help open your eyes to the possibilities and make the most of more flexible ways of working.

Secure Cloud Fleet Management

Keep your devices safe by streamlining policy management and automating remediation

Your security strategy needs to encompass your printer network and fit-for-purpose against emerging threats. Our cloud fleet management solution is designed to prevent security breaches and protect your print and IT infrastructure.

Overlooking non-compliant devices is a major risk to your business, and robust device configuration can lose  quality over time. Stay ahead of default configurations, firmware updates, revised customer security policies  and configuration changes without having to think about it with automatic remediation catching non-compliant devices before they become a problem. Interactive dashboards to check proof of compliance makes is all  reassuringly visible.

Device security including firmware is actively managed to meet business and compliance requirements, and aligns with security policies for audit trail purposes. And with remote access capabilities, there's no need for on-site visits to keep devices up to date.


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