Self Solve with Contextual Instructions

CareAR Instruct is a knowledge transfer application that reduces self-solve errors. Users can simply scan a QR code to access the CareAR Instruct landing page where AR-based, step-by-step guidance will launch.

Graphical indicators draw attention to “hotspot” locations where text guidance or video detail is presented when tapped. Helpfully, hotspots and highlighted machine parts or elements overlayed on live video remain anchored in place, even if the user moves the device.

CareAR Instruct’s intelligent search function makes it easy to find and reveal information associated with the equipment. Step-by-step guidance is enhanced by holographic images that float over the video image of a machine part and can include prescribed motion—all of which can deliver confidence in the instructions being provided.


Key features of augmented reality with CareAR Instruct

  • Holographic overlays using computer vision
  • Accurate hotspot detection and tracking
  • Innovative natural language processing for search results
  • Support for an expansive range of content
  • Supports iOS and Android devices
  • Globally scalable and a secure SaaS solution


Demonstrating the Power of CareAR Instruct


NOTE: The image capture and contents integration is available by interfacing with a number of systems in addition to ServiceNow including mstore to extend your knowledge base, evidence compliance, integrate workflows and more.

Empowering your people with CareAR Instruct.

Avoids Service Calls Provides self-serve, step-by-step guidance that is personalised for each user’s perspective and learning pace.

Visual Accuracy Patented part detection and precise labeling using computer vision presents a visual experience.

Innovative Search Natural language search created by Xerox PARC returns results from unstructured data input more accurately.

Knowledge Transfer Packages guidance for completing procedures within an augmentedreality-based experience to boost engagement and comprehension.

Customer Experience Personalises self-solve guidance with holographic images that can direct focus, encourage confidence in taking the next-step, and deliver self-solve results.


CareAR Assist

You can also use augmented reality to enhance service efficiency and effectiveness with annotated visual instruction from “see what I see” remote experts.