Powering a better service experience

We're leading innovation in service user experience (SUX) to ensure device uptime, more responsive support and better choice.

With the help of CareAR—Xerox’s new augmented reality platform— our technical support teams can now see what you see, and can provide guidance with circles, arrows, and other images that “stick” within your video, even when you move your device.

You can expect a faster diagnosis and resolution to your problem as well as an engaging experience as a our support teams direct you using CareAR.


Your augmented reality experience explained  

Augmented reality is an interactive experience in which computer-generated images—sometimes in 3D—are overlayed in real time onto digital images of the real world and can be viewed using a device’s camera. Some of what you’ll experience with CareAR includes: 

  • See what I see Your technical support contact becomes immersed in your environment via your phone's video camera. It even includes the ability for us to turn your phone light on when needed. 
  • Real-time graphical guidance You will experience real-time direction with annotations, such as arrows, circles, and more, which are overlayed onto your screen.  They “stick” to where they are drawn, so you can move your mobile around and the images remain in place on your screen.
  • Privacy Your mobile's rear-facing camera is used, so you are not seen.   
  • More powerful than a video call  The ability to use graphical guidance that is anchored to your live “real-world” video is the primary difference. We can simply circle an area and say, “Press that thing,” instead of trying to describe an object, so you're back up and running more quickly.


“It was so helpful to be able to visually show what was going on instead of trying to explain.” 
Xerox MPS customer feedback on CareAR 


In 2021, service support utilising CareAR delivered: 

 4 or 5-star rating with 94% of customers 

Higher first time call resolution

30% reduction in handling time

Improved device availability

Over 30 tons of CO2 saved through reduction in field technician dispatches

Minimising downtime

Graphical guidance tailored to your specific situation resolves the problem faster by:  

  • Eliminating miscommunication because annotations highlight what to focus on. 

  • Seeing the issue immediately, instead of having to ask or answer probing questions to diagnose it. 

  • Choosing to access CareAR via web browser or native app, depending on the use case. The downloaded app provides a more immersive experience since it allows for real-time engagement with the graphics.