Remote Solve with Augmented Reality Tools

CareAR Assist provides remote, real-time visual AR assistance and compliance for customers, field workers, and employees. Remote agents and experts are able to virtually see the situation and provide guidance using a suite of augmented reality tools via desktop, mobile, or smart glass devices, as if they were there in person.

End-to-end integration allows instant capture of images and recordings. The content is automatically saved in a secure system, enhancing knowledge transfer, and ensuring proof of work and compliance.


Key features of augmented reality with CareAR Assist

  • Real-time HD video and audio collaboration
  • Enterprise grade AR toolset
  • 3D spatial mapping
  • Photo capture
  • Video recording
  • Usage dashboard and analytics
  • Multi-device support including mobile, desktop and web
  • High availability global cloud infrastructure

Rethink service with CareAR Assist to deliver multiple benefits, including:

Avoids Service Calls Provides self-serve, step-by-step guidance that is personalised for each user’s perspective and learning pace.

Visual Accuracy Patented part detection and precise labelling using computer vision presents a visual experience.

Innovative Search Natural language search created by Xerox PARC returns results from unstructured data input more accurately.

Knowledge Transfer Packages guidance for completing procedures within an augmented reality-based experience to boost engagement and comprehension.

Customer Experience Personalises self-solve guidance with holographic images that can direct focus, encourage confidence in taking the next-step, and deliver self-solve results.


CareAR Instruct

You can also use augmented reality-based visual support delivered by the CareAR platform to engage customers and employees with visually immersive, step-by-step instructions.