A powerful tool for remote service support to set you apart from the rest.


Empower your service team.

  • I See What You See Virtually see as if the situation was actually there
  • Solve problems remotely Visually guide and collaborate for effective problem resolution
  • Capture and save sessions Capture, save and share content in systems, with teams and for evidencing

Take your challenging service operations and transform them into an opportunity to thrive!

Faster Time to Resolution

With instant visual context, you’re straight into solving the problem versus assessing the situation. 

Higher First-Time Fix Rates 

Annotation suite of tools for more effective guidance and accurate resolution. 

Workflow Integration 

Interface with knowledge base, document management, and service systems to streamline operations.

Avoid Costly Dispatches 

Increase remote resolutions and decrease unneeded dispatches to save travel time, resource and cost. 

Instant Access to Expertise 

Access expertise located anywhere from the field to optimise resource, support local teams, and plug the skills gap. 

Improve Sustainability 

Reduce energy costs, carbon footprint, truck and air miles to achieve your sustainability goals. 



Innovative Solutions for a Range of Challenges

CareAR Assist

CareAR Assist augmented reality (AR) enhances service efficiency and effectiveness with tailored visual direction.

Smartphones, tablets, wearables, and drones are used to engage technicians and customers with annotated visual instruction from “see what I see” remote experts.
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CareAR Instruct

Boosts self-solve and self-learning for customers and employees with step-by-step augmented reality graphical guidance.

Hotspot focus immersively engages users with contextual graphical guidance overlayed on actual objects within each user’s device field of view.
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ABI Research ranked CareAR a Leader and Top Innovator based on characteristics such as strength in innovation with notable integration dynamics and time to value for its CareAR® Assist, and CareAR® Instruct platforms.

Explore use cases for CareAR augmented reality across a range of sectors.

AGRICULTURE - Avoid farm equipment and infrastructure downtime
• Repairing of heavy equipment and machinery
• Inspection of irrigation facilities and other infrastructure
• Crop inspecting
• Working with suppliers to ship the right tools/parts

AUTOMOTIVE - Streamline throughput, tackle the EV skill gap and enhance compliance processes
• Troubleshooting and repairing vehicles for technicians and customers
• Training and upskilling technicians with the latest technology
• Creating evidence for warranty and compliance purposes
• Vehicle inspection and evidencing
• Enabling centralised maintenance and IT support

AVIATION - Improve uptime, increase maintainer preparedness and ensure safety
• Troubleshooting repairs, assembly and maintenance
• Training technical workforce
• Pre-flight virtual checklist
• Taking off / landing path guidance
• Visual navigation, repairs/maintenance, data collection purposes, air craft assembly – 3D objects

BANKING - Improve uptime, increase maintainer preparedness and ensure customer satisfaction
• Install, support, security and troubleshooting at Date Centre Operations
• Fully auditable IT tech trouble shooting sessions with 'See what I see' functionality
• ATM and site equipment repair and troubleshooting
• Upskilling junior repair technicians

EDUCATION - Improve system uptime, free up burden from site staff and enhance learning
• AR guidance for facilities inspecti on and maintenance support
• Remote support for IT infrastructure and learning systems
• Virtual learning including fieldwork, labs, theatre and art studios
• Improve system uptime, free up burden from site staff and enhance learning

HEALTHCARE - Increase essential uptime, free up budget for care and ensure safety and compliance oF equipment
• Specialist medical devices support
• Facilities and IT support and troubleshooting
• Vendor management on fixes
• Training and expertise for front line workers
• Reduce operator error on pharma factory floors

HOME SERVICES - Faster resolution, more competitive business and improved customer satisfaction
• HVAC support makes diagnosis and sends properly trained and equipped technician
• Pest control company is able to provide a quote on the spot
• Appliance repairer can support in real time with annotated session via customer's phone
• Home warranty issues resolved without dispatch
• Order right parts first time

HOSPITALITY - Reduce downtime, improve margin and enhance customer satisfaction
• Incorporate into applications, inspections, certifications, and third party contractor follow up
• Remote support for systems, IT, equipment and more
• Virtual inspection, repair, and maintenance
• Guest support with equipment walk throughs and reports
• Manage and evidence cleaning, branding and maintenance regimes

INSURANCE - optimise claim management, improve margins, enhance customer service
• Utilising customer smartphone for claims processing
• Virtual claims adjuster annotating on live video
• Capture content for review during claim process
• Analytics from sessions for service improvement and compliance purposes
• Manage and evidence cleaning, branding and maintenance regimes

INTERIOR DESIGN - Improve customer experience, keep projects on track, minimise travel
• Utilising customer smartphone for virtual visits
• Capture content for review during design process


• Provide measurements and dimensions
• AR shows what products would look like in the space

IT SERVICES - decrease downtime and dispatches, improve customer satisfaction , minimise IT burden
• Visual troubleshooting for fast, first call resolutions and fewer dispatches for IT Service Management
• Installation, support, security and troubleshooting for data centre operations
• Remote support and training to upskill less experienced technicians
• Instructional content for customers and field technicians

LOGISTICS - reduce delays and downtime, improve margin, increase customer satisfaction
• Remote assistance for drivers on the road
• Inspection of goods and vehicles
• Inspection / repair of distribution facilities
• Instruction on loading and training for drivers
• Maintenance of vehicles

MANUFACTURING - Better uptime, productivity and compliance
• Remote equipment inspection, repair and maintenance
• Network equipment installation and recalibration
• Safe, remote training

OIL, GAS, ENERGY & UTILITIES - Increase efficiency, accelerate resolution, enhance proactive failure prevention and stay safe
• Remote assessment and guidance with in the moment diagnosis and direction
• Hands free glasses and drone AR for better visibility and access
• Safe, remote training and staff upskills
• Field service and construction inspections

PROPERTY - faster resolution, higher first time fix rates, reduce downtime and costs, improve customer satisfaction
• Incorporate into applications, inspections, certifications and third party contractor follow up
• Remote support for systems, IT, equipment and more
• Virtual inspection, repair, and maintenance
• Tenant support with equipment walk throughs and reports

RETAIL - Decrease downtime, minimise service dispatches, improve customer satisfaction, ensure brand consistency and optimal merchandising / POS.
• Remote support and training for shopfloor staff or from anchor location
• Virtual inspection, repair, and maintenance of POS systems, self service kiosks, equipment and more
• Virtual product try before you buy through visual AR room overlays and fitting rooms
• Home customer consultation, assembly and user instructions

TELECOMS - improve time fix rates, reduce downtime, avoid costly service dispatches, supercharge customer service and revenues
• More rapid equipment installation with multiple person service calls
• Virtual inspection, repair, and maintenance
• Phone tower and cable installation, repair and maintenance via remote and drone assistance