Step 1 is simple: stop thinking about printers as standalone, task-specific machines and explore the opportunities. Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology has been leading the charge towards creating digital workplace assistants.

So, step 2 is to start exploring new ways to be more efficient and productive using your MFD as a workplace hub.

Step 3 is to decide on your priorities, as there are plenty of easy ways to introduce innovations that have impact whilst staying simple and achievable. You can choose to scale up over time.

  • Mobile & cloud readiness How do you enable a connected workforce? Whether at home, on the road or in the office, your teams rely on a variety of devices to send, share or retrieve documents and information. 
  • Eliminating risk through security Security remains a top priority for many businesses, not least with the move towards more flexible working. Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology’s holistic approach protects printers, data and documents, introducing more comprehensive security to your IT infrastructure.  
  • Automating time consuming tasks One touch Apps take time-saving convenience to the next level. Create and save shortcuts for frequently used workflows.
  • Achieving your sustainability goals The design of Xerox products and solutions embrace environmental priorities - it’s better for the environment, businesses and users.
  • Personalised & intuitive touchscreens A true tablet-like experience that’s easy, app-driven and task-specific to get users engaged and ready to embrace new possibilities. Everyone can personalise the interface with their favourite apps, settings and frequent workflows all from a single login. 

Apps make a more flexible, hybrid working environment easier with comprehensive, productivity-enhancing solutions for workflows, document management, accounting, mobile printing, user access controls and more.

So step 4 is simply to get in touch to discover exciting new solutions for your workplace, find inspiration with our video playlist.

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There are lots of ways to automate and streamline tasks from your MFD and devices.