According to the Pricewaterhouse Cooper (PWC) 2019 Annual Law Firms Survey, 100% of the Top 100 Law Firms suffered a cyber security incident in 2019 with all of the Top 100 law firms reporting that they are ‘somewhat or extremely concerned’ about  cyber security threats.

Law firms are particularly vulnerable to cyber criminals:

  • They hold sensitive client information, handle significant sums an are a key enabler of commercial and usiness transactions.
  • Damage goes beyond loss of reputation with a cyber security failing creates a financial burden.
  • The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) report that a small breach costs the average law firm £4,180, rising to £22,700 for larger firms.
  • Firms only fear the impact of Brexit more than cyber-attacks.
  • Increasing use of digital technologies to deliver legal services will likely build more avenues for exploitation for those who seek to maliciously undermine a firm's systems or simply to ensure vulnerability to viruses and other everyday threats is minimised.

In this whitepaper, our IT experts look more closely at the range of technology available that can help counter-attack cyber security threats for law firms, as well as the research cited above.

As the sector starts embracing more flexible and remote working, it is important law firms have confidence in their managed services partner. The biggest issue when working with a third-party IT supplier is ensuring that they adequately secure the systems that hold your data.

All our customer data safe and comply to multiple international and national security regulations for IT services including Cyber Essentials Plus, ISO14001 and ISO 27001. The London Data Centre also complies with ISO 22301 and OHSAS 18001.

You can also find out more about our IT Services for legal firms here.