Embracing Flexible Working 

Many businesses are considering a flexible working approach for their employees. Working from anywhere presents a major opportunity to promote a modern workplace whilst also ensuring the safe return to the office. 


Transforming the Workplace with Technology

There is a lot to consider when asking your employees back to the office. Technology can play a vital role in your return to the office plan which will enable flexibility, remote working and security whilst adhering to safety guidelines.

Our digital workplace solutions can help your business excel in both, creating a smart and safe work hub in the office which can be almost completely contactless with automated processes as well as a functioning and secure remote working setting. 


Introducing Spaces

Spaces is the latest feature and add-on to Digital Sign In. Enabling a flexible and safe workplace, Spaces allows users to book an office space including desks, meeting rooms and even parking spaces from anywhere. Keeping control of capacity at all times, the cost-effective solution ensures your office runs under government guidelines. 



Get Started

Speak to our experts for guidance on the right in technology to bring staff back to the office in a safe and secure way, whilst ensuring productivity and flexible working through smarter ways of working.