1. Security in a flexible environment

With more employees working remotely, exposure to cyber attacks brings more risk. Our portfolio of services are designed to support a hybrid workforce and enable zero-trust security across your content, IT, print and processes.

Check out our IT Security infographic drawing on the government’s cyber security survey and the Quocirca Print Security Landscape 2022 report, where Xerox is named a leader recognising the cohesive security strategy designed for the hybrid workforce.

2. Making workflows work for you

Streamlined processes maximise efficiency to improve performance and success. You can automate individual core tasks or move to a whole new way of working.

This Automation eBook explores how your workflow automation journey can be made easier and work for you.  

3. Work well, wherever you are

Cloud-based technology can help people be as productive when they are on the go or working at home, as they are in the office.

Take a look at the Flexible Working eBook to see the five areas for powering a flexible, productive workforce.  

4. Futureproofed and ready - case study

It’s no longer enough to just adapt – you need to actively prepare for the future. With reliance on paper no longer fit-for-purpose, this car dealership decided to go digital in partnership with Arena. Now they can work remotely and securely and communicate internally with customers without a hitch across sales, compliance, HR, finance and more.

5. Sustainability - how we should all be doing business

We carry our ethos as a sustainable company into what we offer our customers, helping you to achieve your own sustainability goals.

From digitising your document-intensive processes to print devices and management that save energy and paper. 

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By transitioning to digital workflows, your staff, partners and auditors can access the documents, information and data they need to collaborate, make informed decisions and get things done, making work happen wherever you need to be. 
The right IT can enable more flexible working, freeing up time and enabling focus on what you do best. 
Our collection of Apps expands and customise the capabilities of your MFD or printer, to simplify or automate tasks to save you time and money. 
Xerox® Workflow Central Platform brings unstoppable productivity wherever work happens. Working from any PC, mobile device and MFD, it takes the hassle out of converting files into usable, actionable formats with seamless, secure, 24/7 access. 
Create a better workplace for an evolving and mobile workforce. Our Managed Print Services can identify opportunities to automate processes to improve productivity and the employee experience in the office and on the go. 
No matter where your team is working, they need an easy way to connect and access your company’s printer and services. Our print management solution connects them effortlessly, all the while giving you control of user access, with complete visibility of document usage and content. 
Xerox® Content Hub is a secure and dynamic creative platform that makes it easy for you to access, update, and use content whenever needed and from anywhere, making it easy to keep track of the latest revisions and ensure consistent branding. 

Accounting: transforming invoice processing


  • Paper intensive, manual processes especially vulnerable when volumes increase
  • Manual matching of purchase orders to invoices cumbersome and labour heavy
  • Queries require manual searching for file and call back 
  • Cost of print and storage
  • Approvals process clunky and vulnerable to delay and misplacement of documents

Solution highlights

  • Invoices imported to mstore and references set e.g. cost centre, supplier, invoice number
  • Authorised users can route invoices for approval
  • Approvers can access remotely to approve or reject
  • Processed invoices automatically archived for 7 years 


  • Enable remote access to approve and process invoices
  • Improve reconciliation, streamline accrual processes, and produce more accurate financial statements
  • Reduce hassle of audit and retention management
  • Free up resource for more valuable activities
Content management automates how you organise, share, collaborate and back up your business-critical content with more potential to automate tasks and integrate systems for better user experience and efficiency. 
Effective IT delivers productivity in spades through frictionless working and more reliable infrastructure. Our managed IT services also free up your time to focus on more productive work. 
Xerox® Content Hub is a secure and dynamic creative platform giving 24/7 access to professional looking document templates making it easy for you, your teams, or your customers to access, update, personalise, and use the latest on-brand and on-point content whenever needed. 
Our collection of easily downloadable Apps expand and customise the capabilities of your own device, MFP or printer, to simplify or automate tasks to save time and money. 
Managed Print Services use comprehensive security, analytics, digitisation, and cloud technologies to deliver a more seamless work experience across paper and digital platforms improving productivity and the employee experience in the office and on the go. 
The Xerox® Workflow Central Platform brings the power to overcome everyday document challenges from any PC, mobile device and or MFP, taking the hassle out of converting files into usable, actionable formats. 

Our UK Data Centres are optimised for resilience and business continuity with your communications and IT instantly switched with no interruption to service.  

Resilience is also built into our connectivity and document management platforms, ensuring you’re always on and ready to work from anywhere. 

Our Managed Print Services help you build a more efficient workplace for the future with reduced costs, optimised print and document infrastructure, improved metrics, and stronger ROI. 

Securely digitise, collaborate, store, and manage critical information, protecting sensitive data and minimising your organisation’s risk with managed user-based access, and auditable tracking. 
Ensure IT security to keep your organisation, data and intellectual property safe and secure, wherever your teams need to work. 
Our Managed Print Services can come with comprehensive security built in. Enabled devices can help you prevent, detect and protect your physical and digital endpoints from cyberthreats and information leaks. 
Our comprehensive print management solution helps connect your team’s technology seamlessly—while providing the security, access control, and usage tracking that organisations need. 

Our Managed Print Services bring you a more sustainable workplace. It starts with device management to assess and optimise your resources, and on to print management and content management to increase productivity and lower costs. Our reforestation program is also a great way to return trees to the forests. 
Whilst our comprehensive print management solution helps connect your team’s technology seamlessly—while providing the security, access control and visibility of document usage that enables efficient printing and usage control to support your sustainability goals. 
By removing paper from your everyday processes, teams can access the documents they need digitally to collaborate, make informed decisions and get things done, and with robust tools to automate processes and support digital transformation
Using your Xerox®ConnectKey® Technology-enabled printer or MFP driven by app technology can simplify, automate or even remove reliance on paper as well as lowers costs and improve productivity. 
Read more about sustainability here.

Bite-Sized Apps to Tackle Those Everyday Mundane Tasks

Why waste your time, when a simple app can sort those niggling challenges you face everyday? 
  • Handwritten notes that are hard to read and not clear enough to share.  
  • Files in an unusable format or unreadable language.  
  • Private information that you can’t afford to inadvertently share.  
  • Lengthy reports much longer than your lunch hour...

...the list is endless. But these day-to-day challenges steal precious time, preventing you from focusing on what matters most. 

Documents should support productivity, not get in the way of it. That’s why Xerox® Workflow Central Platform overcomes everyday challenges, giving you the power to smash through the mundane from any PC, mobile device or Xerox Multifunction Printer (MFP).

It takes the hassle away, by converting files into usable, actionable formats with seamless, secure, 24/7 access from anywhere and replacing manual tasks with automated workflows. There’s plenty to choose from on the Xerox App Gallery ready to click and go, like those familiar apps on your phone you depend on.