The survey conducted by Morning Consult for Xerox polled 1,200 business decision makers from companies of between 25 and 1,000 employees in the U.K., U.S and Canada.

Although 68 percent attributed ability to perform through the pandemic to their technology and equipment, nearly three-quarters of respondents indicated they expedited digital transformation plans in response to COVID-19.

This accelerated adoption of digital technologies enabled SMBs to power up a more flexible, ‘work from anywhere’ workforce. A majority of 85 percent found communications and collaboration technologies, remote IT support, and security software and hardware were more indispensable than before. 81 percent confirming a greater reliance on innovation than ever before, and automation a key opportunity

"Without question, SMBs understand technology is crucial to keeping their businesses going in an incredibly dynamic landscape. Automation is the antidote to pandemic-imposed operational pain."

The State and Fate of Small and Medium Business Report

"Survey results underscored what is broadly understood about SMBs," concludes the report. "They’re optimistic, agile and realistic. Faced with difficult circumstances and dynamic unknowns, they swiftly pivoted to embrace digital transformation technologies to serve distributed workforces and address emerging customer needs."

The State and Fate of Small and Medium Businesses report is available to read here.

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