Eddie Clarke-Edwards, Head of Finance & Business Process at Motus Commercials is a great champion for the business' people-centric values. “Employees are going to find it so much easier to do their jobs and make their work more enjoyable," he explains as Motus roll out the mstore platform across their dealerships.

"Flexibility gives the employees a better well-being and more enjoyment doing the work than it would have done before.”

Eddie Clarke-Edwards

“I would say that mstore makes it less stressful as well with the ease of access to information. These days, you can Google and get the information that you need quickly, and that’s what you want to be able to do at work. To get information for a customer, you’re just typing a registration number or the customer’s name into mstore and it’s all there - that’s easy!”

“I don’t think people should be worried that this is going to put them out of a job – it’s not; it’s just going to make the job that they’re doing more efficient. The feedback from users where we’ve implemented mstore so far has been excellent. They’ve really bought into it and taken it on board.”

Investing for the future.

Eddie can see that paperless working and digitising day-to-day processes is the way forward for retailers. “I think the commercial vehicle industry as a whole has been a little bit slow to adapt to a lot of these changes. I’m pleased to see that Motus Commercials as a business taking this seriously and are prepared to look at this investment to make sure that we have the efficiencies within the business so that each of our employees can get on with whatever it is that they are employed to do rather than wasting a lot of time trying to find paperwork.”

“And we’ve got to think about the livelihoods of all the employees in the business. We need to maintain our strong position going forward by doing the right thing.”

“One of our core values is to be entrepreneurial, looking at different areas of the business to see how we can make and do things better. If there’s something out there that allows us to do that, is for the good of the employees and makes good business sense, the company doesn’t have any hesitation in going forward and exploring it.”
“We’re all about growth, and we want to be the best place for our employees to come into work," Eddie confirms.

mstore is a good example, people might think how it might put them out of a job; but it will actually make them more efficient to do their job which is a bigger benefit because that’s what they’re actually employed to do, that’s why the company invests so much in its employees to make sure it’s getting that efficiency out of them.” 

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