For some the return to the office will be full time but for others it will be a partial return with them still working from home for at least part of their week. This new way of flexible working is creating a hybrid workplace and managing this effectively will require the right technology solution.  


How does desk booking software work?

As different workers will be in the office on different days and hours, assigning a permanent workspace doesn’t necessarily work in the new hybrid workplace. With desk booking software, employees can reserve a designated workspace or meeting room for the day or days they will be working in the office. Simply book a space through a web or mobile app, from anywhere at any time.

How to choose a desk booking software

With a new flexible way of working, it is crucial that businesses find the right software that helps them not only manage office space but also ensures security and safety. Here are some of the key features to look for when choosing a desk booking platform: 
  • Make any space bookable: From meeting rooms to desks and offices to breakout areas and parking space, everything will need to be managed. So make sure you choose a platform that equips you with the tools to do this easily. 
  • Quickly manage and monitor capacity: Look for a platform that makes it quick and easy to review bookings on an online portal. Some desk booking software automatically monitors site capacity to ensure you never exceed the limits you’ve put in place, while social distancing can be maintained by disabling individual spaces. 
  • Simple booking process: Make sure it is easy for employees to reserve a workspace and that it is easy to manage. Look for a platform that allows bookings to be made via a mobile app for a user friendly experience.
  • Ensure compliance with GDPR: Ensure your chosen platform protects staff data and keeps you GDPR compliant.

Embrace the hybrid workplace with Spaces

Spaces is the new smart and flexible desk and meeting room booking add-on for Digital Sign In. Whether you’re operating at a reduced site capacity, or reassessing how your desks and meeting rooms are being used, Spaces can help.
Designed to be flexible, with Spaces you can quickly recreate your workplace layout or upload a floor plan from the online editor. Completely customise your space including office floors, meeting rooms and car parking spaces. Once created, employees can then begin searching for available spaces and book them in just a few steps, from anywhere.
Managers can monitor capacity levels at all times and  see how the spaces and zones are being used and even limit availability to ensure you never exceed site capacity.
Optimised to work seamlessly on smartphones, our desk booking software solution can also help you manage everything from evacuation lists to data privacy and secure contactless sign in.

Try Spaces for free

With Spaces, you can make your workplace bookable in a few simple steps without the need for expensive consultancy fees or hardware.
To help your business get back to the office we are offering new Digital Sign In customers the ability to enable the Spaces add-on feature for each of your sites free of charge for 12 months. If you’re new and looking to try out Spaces, get in touch today.