Work Style Shift

In today’s world, collaboration has to be easy. All employees need to have access to the resources they need, when and where they need them. You need smarter, more seamless and agile ways to make things happen regardless of physical location. 

Technologies such as automation are freeing up people and organisations to perform at their best, wherever teams are working. Explosion of mobile computing and internet connected devices has created a variety of new capabilities and functionalities, changing how we work and interact. And the proliferation of cloud services provides greater opportunity for digital transformation in the workplace as they offer cost efficient and scalable tools. However, with all that connectedness comes greater security concerns in the workplace.

Changes in the Workforce

The past couple of years have accelerated technological and work style changes and the continuity of operations, pressure on cost control and efficiency, and maintaining security through flexible working models have become the main concerns.

In a flexible or hybrid work environment which adapts well to unforeseen changes, employees expect to be able to communicate, print, and access information where and when they want it. Instead of “people going to work”, 2020 and 2021 saw a necessary shift to “work going to people”. 

We also have three generations in the workforce today who all work in different ways. Some work with paper while others have eliminated or greatly reduced it, going 100% digital with opportunities for automation and AI to streamline tasks.

Meanwhile, expectations on corporate responsibility and generating social value remain on the increase and customers want to understand how companies operate in the ecological, social and economic environment.

Don't Just Survive, Thrive!

Those that adapt to more flexible work models the best have a common set of priorities that deliver beyond productivity and into agility:

  • Workplace technology that helps people do their job regardless of location
  • Access to content, documentation and information that underpin business critical processes
  • Analytics and automation to make complex workflows less resource intensive
  • Recognise the importance of sustainability and security expertise

As you continue to adjust to ensure continuity, productivity and sustainability regardless of the challenges thrown in your path, it’s time to rethink the way you work to thrive. And for every type of business, the answers are likely different. ​Which is where the right technology partner with proven workplace expertise and the breadth of tools comes into play.

Power up your team for the flexible working world.

Working productively and securely from anywhere is as simple as reaching out to our knowledgeable  experts. They’ll work closely with you to explore the possibilities, identify and execute the right tools, tech and services into your business, and improve the way your teams communicate and collaborate every day, so you remain up and running whatever is thrown your way.

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Keep communicating with customers and teams

With a powerful array of new systems, capabilities and functionalities now available to help us work smarter from anywhere, why are you still depending on traditional forms of communication? 

It’s time to align your approach to telephony, mailing, and collaboration to new styles of working that take business as usual, productivity, efficiency, customer service, and user experience to the next level.

Whilst your teams are tied to the daily burden of producing outbound post, opportunities for remote and flexible working and increasing productivity whilst reducing costs are limited. Explore a better way of working in our Hybrid and Smart Mail eBook

Are you return to the office ready?

As the pandemic lingers, ensuring safety for staff and visitors demands attention. It's time to ensure smarter, safer and more future-proofed approaches to office-based working are in place for the long term.

Whilst disruption to our normal pattern of work has forced us to rethink traditional systems in the name of staying safe, we've also had our opened to better, more flexible ways of working that can also deliver on flexibility, security, productivity, cost reduction, customer service and more.

Flexible working with no compromise on security

Remote working provides greater flexibility, but also increases the risk of attack, disruption, loss of reputation and potentially worse.

With malware, phishing, and ransomware and other viruses on the rise, it’s important to build security in to protect your business.

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