Going beyond CMYK

Beyond CMYK means anything that is not the traditional cyan, magenta, yellow and black. What makes the Xerox range stand out from the rest is the inclusion of white, gold, silver, clear, fluorescent CMYK, and gamut extensions including orange and green and low gloss clear toners and dry inks. 

Commercial printers may be familiar with Beyond CMYK or CMYK Plus, but enhancements across the Xerox range means that Beyond CMYK is now avaialbable for more compact office and studio based devices too. 

Do we need more than CMYK?

Absolutely, yes! Using Beyond CMYK can really bring your digital print alive, meet a wider range of customer requirements, and set you apart from the competition.

With Beyond CMKY you can print white and brights on black and dark media and add metallic shimmers and fluorescent pops. Beyond CMKY delivers a host of digital print enhancement opportunities, and as one of the fastest-growing sectors it is expected to become more prevalent. 

Print enhancements such as Beyond CMYK are calculated to achieve from 50% to 400% more profit margin, with buyers spending up to 89% more to print special effects. 

The Xerox Beyond CMYK range

Beyond CMYK technology can help you gain a competitive edge, grow faster and get noticed. With digital print bringing designs to life with glittering golds, shimmering silvers, vibrant fluorescents and versatile layers of white and clear, the only limit is your imagination!

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