Augmented reality to tackle the EV technician skills gap and more features at AM live


Turning the EV transition challenge into an opportunity

The automotive industry is experiencing massive change. Increasing complexity due to options, IoT connectivity, remote servicing and shift toward Electric Vehicles (EVs) are contributing to challenges across the entire manufacturing, retailing and aftersales chain. By 2025, the number of EVs coexisting with internal combustion engines will probably boost variants per carmaker by 50-100 percent.(1)

Added complexity makes it difficult for dealerships to keep up at a time when the sector is experiencing issues with attrition and wage escalation for service technicians, as well as an emerging skills gap (2). New technology such as augmented reality can be used to more efficiently train and support service technicians to overcome these challenges, whilst also evidencing compliance.


CareAR for Automotive

CareAR is an augmented reality (AR) visual support platform that allows dealerships to digitally transform their inspection and service procedures with live visual assistance and immersive self-learning. With CareAR, service technicians are guided by visual prompts while receiving remote, real-time guidance from off-site experts.

Self-learning to speed EV transition and train less experienced staff is enabled with immersive CareAR augmented reality step-by-step guidance. Simultaneously, video evidence is captured and can be automatically filed to the job to demonstrate compliance.

CareAR augmented reality works to reduce downtime, embeds audit-ready evidence of work done such as in the dealership mstore for automotive platform used dealership-wide. Meanwhile, CareAR helps service technicians quickly resolve increasingly complex repair challenges with contextually guided remote assist and self-solve service experiences.


Get hands on and see for yourself 

Live demos featuring Smart Glasses and on screen AR annotation were featured at AM Live at the NEC event on November 10th 2022. If you were not able to make that event, our specislist team can visit your site or set up a demo via a virtual meeting.

Get close up and hands on to explore this exciting technology for yourself. We're here to help you tackle the skills gap and embrace the EV opportunity with augmented reality, and talk about any other challenges your dealership is facing with an unrivalled range of expertise and technology solutions proven in the automotive.



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2. NFDA 2022