We are saving money through the use of energy efficient devices, reduced running costs and reduced wastage.

Adrian Hall
Head of ICT

"We had the task of moving and installing IT infrastructure for 250 employees including printers and copiers, server room equipment, telephones, network equipment and consumables. Our old office housed numerous print and copy devices from four different suppliers which were time consuming and costly to manage. We wanted a more efficient set-up from a single supplier."

"Arena took a detailed look at the way we work and the new building layout before proposing a system that would fit around our requirements. We now have a much smaller number of devices that are strategically placed to enable staff to print, copy, scan and fax using just one machine. The devices are all from one manufacturer with uniform parts for straight-forward maintenance."

Not only this, but the machines are fitted with print control software that monitors user activity, colour usage, output volumes and costs. "For the first time this means we can see exactly what’s happening and implement measures to better control output and colour usage. The simple act of requiring employees to visit a printer to release their pages immediately altered their behaviour in a very positive way." Wasted and unnecessary jobs are less common now, and defaults to limit one-sided and colour printing have further fuelled the overall effort. "We are saving money through the use of energy efficient devices, reduced running costs and reduced wastage.


"Technology on the machines takes care of consumables and maintenance for us too. We used to stock pile toner in cupboards unnecessarily ‘just in case we ran out’ and this cost us time, storage space and money. With the new system automatic alerts go directly from the devices to Arena when toner runs low so that we receive new supplies as needed. The same goes for maintenance, if a machine has a technical fault or needs a service."

"We chose to work with Arena because they demonstrated expertise right from the start so we were confident that we could trust them to deliver an effective solution. We have been impressed with their service quality and professionalism. Arena provided a number of awareness sessions for staff, this meant that they were using the new devices straight away without any problems.. I would recommend Arena to other businesses."