mstore has made the processing of our pupil records much more efficient. We’ve gained valuable time and storage space, we are dealing with less paper and we feel confident that our documents are very secure. The procurement process was made all the easier by the professional approach of the Arena Sales Team and the after sales support has also been first-rate.

Ian Parnaby
Business and Community Leader

Pastoral Administrator, Sarah Buglass, tells us; “we had a special storage room for our paper pupil records. They were locked in cabinets and filed in alphabetical order - it could take a long time to find things. We have put all of those records into mstore and knocked down the wall where the storage room used to be which has given us lots more office space.

“The main reason we bought mstore was to make our documents more secure. We have to be really careful with the safeguarding rules, managing who can access what and how long we keep documents for. mstore is much more secure than paper files locked in a room, it’s quicker to find documents too and has made my job easier.

“Only me and one other person can scan and index documents into the system and our admin manager is the only person who can delete documents. It’s highly unlikely that we will lose a document once it’s saved in mstore. Only a small number of authorised people can access documents so there is no chance of anyone wandering off with something they shouldn’t have. The system also keeps a record of all activity.

mstore is set up to alert us when documents reach their retention deadlines to make sure we don’t keep them for too long. This means we don’t have to worry about archiving and shredding everything by hand and we have saved the time and cost associated with that. Our records would also be safe if we had a fire because they are all backed up on a server so we could recover them if we needed to.

“Documents are easy and quick to find because we can search mstore using various terms like pupil names or document types. The task of scanning and indexing our archive into the system was fast and simple and now I take a new stack of documents to the scanner at the end of each day.

“The service from Arena has been great so I’d be happy to recommend them to other schools.”