As well as being paper-based, the traditional sign in system also required a receptionist to be on hand to manually fill out a visitor’s pass each time. Rethinking the everyday process and adopting digital approach has also unlocked lots of other functionality and benefits for Wollens.


A more streamlined, welcoming solution

Xerox Digital Sign In specialists provided Wollens with a bespoke set up of its state-of-the-art digital visitor management system that has transformed the way the firm operates day-to-day. The smart Digital Sign In system makes managing visitors easy - when they arrive in the building, they simply scan a QR code with their phone or type their details into the iPad on reception to get a pass printed. At the same time, a text and email are sent to the person they are meeting to let them know they have arrived. 

Staff are also automatically signed in and out after they download an app which detects their proximity to the building. Plus, thanks to a single, easy-to-manage portal, the digital visitor management system makes it simple to track visitors at multiple offices from a central location.

Keeping everyone safe

The new Digital Sign In system at Wollens has given the firm complete visibility over who is in the offices at any one time - something that proved especially invaluable during the pandemic, when being able to track and trace people was essential. Team leaders at Wollens are now able to monitor the number of people in the office and set up capacity alerts, which means unnecessary contact can be minimised.

The system even enables staff and guests to register before they arrive, supercharging efficiency and minimising manual labour.

Ensuring protection and compliance

Digital Sign In is ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant which means Wollens now has greater data security. The firm’s clients can even sign NDAs and company policies through the software.

The system has future-proofed and modernised the firm, as well as made it easy to comply with health and safety regulations. Plus, the firm’s physical security has been upgraded as key staff know who is onsite, when they’re onsite, and are alerted when they arrive.
The new digital signing in system works flawlessly. It’s a simple concept but it’s professionalised the staff and client sign in service.”

Clive Meredith
Practice Director

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