I absolutely can't fault anyone that we have spoken to and it's really easy to work with them. It's a real bonus to find a supplier to work with like Arena who go above and beyond the norm.

Sue Broomhead
Procurement Officer

Sue Broomhead is the Procurement Officer who first came across Arena when she needed help relocating some equipment.

“We had some devices which were out of contract and needed moving to a different department, but our previous supplier wouldn’t do it for us. We came across Arena who helped us with this, even though they weren’t Arena machines. That didn’t matter, they just did it and it worked perfectly.”

This great service left a lasting impression and it wasn’t long before Sue was back in touch. When their copy and print contract was coming up, Sue contacted Arena for a second time. “As a consequence of the service being so brilliant, when we were looking for our next contract we contacted Arena. I must say, the great help previously is why we went back to Arena again. The team were so helpful before, so we wanted to work with them again. I spoke to our Account Manager about what Arena could offer and there was a procurement framework that we could use to offer a direct award which makes the process so much easier, it meant I didn’t have to go out and do a full tender.”

The level of service Arena provides and the strong company values regularly means Arena features on a range of frameworks, simplifying the normally lengthy tender process that public sector organisations are required to undertake to meet statutory obligations with no compromise to due diligence.

The Arena professional services team are experts in analysing a workplace in order to be able to make recommendations. This can include suggesting particular print devices which would be the most suitable to make improvements and bring new benefits such as more efficient processes, more cost effective printing and to reduce wastage.

This is a vital part of Arena’s service to ensure each print fleet that is installed is created to suit each individual work environment and something that Sue feels benefited the Service.

West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue

“A team from Arena came to see us and did a print audit in all of our departments to see how we worked and what print requirements we had. They did some figures for us which was a big task and once this was done it was a great help. We presented this to our IT team to take a look at and to see what savings we could make by implementing these recommendations.”

Sue is also impressed with the day-to-day customer support and account management she receives from the Arena team. “The overall service we get from Arena has just been so good. Our account manager is brilliant, he is very easy to talk to and he replies as soon as he can with any queries or questions we have.”

“I absolutely can’t fault anyone that we have spoken to and it’s really easy to work with them. It’s a real bonus to find a supplier to work with like Arena who go above and beyond the norm.”

“When we’ve needed an engineer to come out and look at a machine they’ve come really quickly or we’ve contacted the helpdesk and had the problem sorted over the phone. It’s even happened where a device fell off the network and Arena let us know about it before we’ve even realised.”

Looking towards the future, Sue would like to work with Arena on incorporating a managed print solution in order to reduce their print costs further, “I can see the benefits of setting up print rules to reduce costs and I’m definitely interested in it for the future.”