The new scan to file and scan to email facility is a great addition as people will send material directly to their interactive whiteboards rather than printing it off.

Sue Mallinson
Business Manager

Sue Mallinson summarizes the College’s high priority aims; “We had lots of small devices located around the college which were expensive to run. We wanted to upgrade the equipment in our reprographics room, save money, meet our carbon target and provide better facilities for our staff.”

Sue explains that three alternative solutions were compared; “Arena’s proposal provided efficiencies; it hit the carbon target and the reduced costings but we also got better kit at the same time. Possibly most important was Arena’s attitude and the great working relationship we established right from the start.”

Arena undertook a comprehensive print audit to understand the College’s requirements. Sue highlighted this as one of the things that made them stand out from the crowd; “There was so much effort at the outset to come up with the appropriate solution for us. Before we even chose Arena they did a full site survey that looked at our existing usage and costs. It’s a risk because we could’ve just said no and walked away at that point; that was generally very impressive.”

The sales process also impressed Sue; “There was no pressure or expectation – I wouldn’t even call it a sales process. It was a straight-forward presentation of options for us to discuss, make a choice and move on. It was absolutely the right approach and we have a great relationship with our account manager and Arena’s service team as a result.”

Arena reduced the printer fleet by 90%, leaving devices placed precisely where they are needed. Newer printers are from the same manufacturer brand and configured with software to manage output and simplify maintenance. ‘Just in time’ toner deliveries have also proven beneficial; “We had to deal with maintenance and toner previously, which was a huge chunk of our budget.” The solution is expected to reduce printed pages by a minimum of 10%, improve duplex rates by 35% and reduce colour printing by at least 15%.

Sue explains how the new print strategy will encourage greener working practices from College staff; “The installation was risky as it represented a shift change for our staff. We got everything set-up over half term and when they returned it was entirely different – I’m very pleased that they actually quite like the new system!”

Print control software supports a reduction in wasteful and unnecessary printing. Sue relates; “We can look at running monthly reports and re-charging departments. We’ve never used that before and the ability to monitor is very attractive. The most useful tool in the box is the restrictions we can use when things get out of hand.” These rules can be used for things like preventing people from printing certain documents in colour or printing lengthy email threads, for example.

Cost centres are being rolled-out to encourage a more considered approach from managers; “Our department heads will be charged for their own printing and copying so we are building in self-management and making them really think more carefully about usage and costs. The new scan to file and scan to email facility is a great addition as people will send material directly to their interactive whiteboards rather than printing it off. We are looking at changing the way people work and thus far they are really buying into it – which is great.”

Thinking ahead for the College, Sue tells me that the sky is the limit in terms of making changes that will encourage greener and more cost effective working practices. “The introduction of this new infrastructure is expected to influence a significant shift in the way our users think about printing and sharing documents. We remain open minded about new technology that helps us to achieve our aims and we are very happy to be realizing the benefits of working with Arena.”