Arena are so amenable and helpful. I give them a problem, they go away and do their research and present me with a solution.

Tina McGuffie
Office Manager

“We’ve gone from one photocopier to a complete document management system from Arena in five years, “ says Tina McGuffie, office manager.

“We will be moving to a new site in a couple of years and merging with three primary schools. Space will be really scarce with no room for archiving so we are aiming for a paperless office using Arena’s electronic document management."

“Every letter, every email, every document about a student is now available in mstore, including transfer documents from a student’s former primary school. It is a really simple system - our admin staff just needed one morning of training on Arena’s mstore software. The advantages are we save space and staff no longer have to leave their desks to retrieve files - it’s all at their fingertips."

“It’s more secure than a filing cabinet - we can lock down the system, giving people permission to view only what they need to see. And every document is backed up so if we had a fire we could retrieve everything."

“Our new school will have a nursery, a primary and a secondary school so we will be dealing with children aged from 0 to 16.  We must have an audit trail of all documents. I decided we should aim for a paperless office in two years so I went to Mike Wallington, our Arena sales contact, and said ‘here’s what I want to do, can you do some research for me and let me know what I need’."

“Although we’ve only had the system for a few months I’m already getting great feedback. Admin staff are saving time as they can retrieve files at the click of a mouse and teachers are pleased with the feature that links directly to SIMS."

“Our head of school even wants to look at using the system for his own documents.”