When I explained what I wanted, there was no issue. Even including an upgrade, the price was so competitive I thought let’s just get on with it. And now, it makes users lives a lot easier.

John Dawson
Property Services Manager

SheffCare is a not-for-profit social care provider to almost 500 older people in Sheffield. With the needs, wishes and aspirations of their clients of paramount importance, a reliable print service is essential to enable focus on customer service and care with every spare penny being invested to improve the service provision. Returning to Arena Group for their copy and print fleet, Property Services Manager John Dawson has found peace of mind and Arena’s competitive pricing refreshing.

The focus of the pre-sales team was to ensure that John became confident in Arena’s provision and expertise to become a trusted advisor and long-term business partner rather than just a supplier. John has been happy with the sales approach taken. “They wanted to know what we were about and second to that, they told me what Arena’s about. You can’t put your finger on it but they were asking the right questions, they weren’t slimy about it, it fitted right.”

When the Arena team met with other SheffCare staff they heard more about the impact of poor reliability and inadequate levels of customer service on the quality of care that could be delivered to residents. When devices broke down or were out of action, the daily requirement to produce patient medical charts, history records, prescriptions and other sensitive documents were impacted which led to a drop in service levels below expectation and issues continuing without being resolved. Operating on very tight margins, John is conscious of saving time and money. “For a care homes of 40 - 74 residents, every single day creates quite an amount of printing related activity – printing, scanning and copying.  If your printer’s down for 24 hours, that means in the next 24 hours, you’ve got 48 hours’ worth of work to do. That takes some catching up.”

John continued to grow in confidence as he met the service and professional services team, and when he compared the tenders from Arena and three others. “On the tender, it was very much the most impressive proposal when compared to three others.”

“One of the key things I wanted to do was to buy our printers but make sure we have a very robust maintenance and service contract to support that,” explains John. “This was one of the aspects that Arena had a more positive approach on. Six months into the contract and nothing has come up that is opposed to that thought.”

John was also given the opportunity to visit the head office and showroom and see the technology first hand. “The value of that visit was to meet the other levels of your management,” recalls John. “I got a very clear understanding that everyone’s on the same song sheet. It was clear that if I was to go with Arena, that everyone buys in to delivering the same thing. I had a really warm feeling about going to Arena.”

John found the technical expertise of Arena’s professional services team to be supportive and straightforward, even proposing some welcome improvements that would have little impact on cost. “When I explained what I wanted, there was no issue. Even including an upgrade, the price was so competitive I thought let’s just get on with it. And now, it makes users lives a lot easier.”

John acknowledges that for his organisation, price is important, but peace of mind also key. “Arena was the most competitively priced. Where Arena blew everyone out the water was that this was the price for five years. That was the deal clincher. I was very happy with everything else anyway. It’s the security of knowing that this is what it’s going to cost you. I genuinely don’t think I could have asked for better.”

In addition, John is provided with an overall summary of the fleet of devices with clear insight into all costs associated. In addition, Arena is simplifying the invoice process with a consolidated, itemised digital invoice shared with an automated BACS process. “Having them all consolidated on to one but itemised means I only have to do one purchase order which saves me an enormous amount of time,” confirms John.

Automated consumable management and meter reading is also saving time. The data collected by FM Audit software is automatically fed into Arena Group’s service management system. By monitoring the results, Arena is able to set an appropriate trigger level for each device ensuring that an automated delivery is be booked at the right time and toners are received before devices run out.

Arena has also enabled e-Bridge Cloud Connect (ECC) remote diagnostic software on the Toshiba multi-functional device in the head office designed for online management and fault identification.  ECC is used to automatically reboot a device if it errors, order waste toner bottles when the full one is replaced, automatically update firmware to the latest revision and download the service data files (part life and error history etc.), before attending an onsite service visit.  The helpdesk team can utilise the ECC service files to help diagnose the fault, and if we are unable to resolve it remotely, a Field Service Technician will be sent the call. The Technician can also download and check the service files to ensure they have all the parts they require to fix the device on the first visit. 

“Proof is in the pudding,” confirms John. “Six months on I’ve heard very little from anybody in SheffCare.”

“I’ve got a warm feeling that my printers will be looked after for a minimum of five years at the price we’ve agreed. I can’t ask for more than that.”

“Financially we are going to save a huge sum of money,” concludes John. “And the second thing I have is peace of mind that I’m not going to be ripped off and knowing that if Arena is called within a very reasonable amount of time if it’s required someone will be out and will resolve the issue.”