The biggest accolade I can give Arena is they are like a silent partner to me, but someone who we rely on to deliver.

Mark Noble 
IT Director

“About 2 years ago we did a full fleet refresh and explored what we could do as some machines were coming to the end of their lease dat­­­es and some could be replaced by newer models. We had the previous 12 months of print data to look at which enabled us to see the usage levels of each machine. With our Account Manager and the Professional Services team, we struck up a battleplan of what we were going to do and how it would be delivered.”

Arena work together with their customers as a partnership and want to ensure the best solutions are in place. The majority of their print fleet was upgraded and swaps were made between departments. Those with more users or heavier usage now had access to faster machines. Mark commented, “It was all done in a day, with zero downtime at all. The system just works.”

By implementing print management software, PaperCut, Mark has seen huge benefits, from cost saving features to detailed management information and reporting between users and sites.

“We brought in PaperCut which is absolutely brilliant. It’s a really neat piece of software which has reduced our overall costs dramatically. When we were analysing our print fleet at the beginning of the process, we could see which users or departments were spending too much. Printing in full colour when not required, not retrieving documents, or not making use of the printers’ features. We made the decision to introduce print rules for mono and duplex printing where appropriate. The mind set of our users has now completely changed as they can see how much each print job costs. 12 months down the line we’ve got a really good picture of where we are with our costs and the usage.”

PaperCut ensures a high level of security by requiring users to release a print job from the device using a key fob and therefore no confidential documents are left on the printer while waiting to be collected. Mark identifies this as one of the main benefits of using PaperCut.

It was all done in a day with zero downtime at all. The system just works.

“The security element which PaperCut provides is really important to us. As an insurance company, we are a very secure organisation and process a lot of confidential documents. Having a secure print release and ‘follow-me’ printing means we can press print to our hearts content then collect what we need from any site or if a copier happens to be down or busy, we can utilise another copier in another location. From an IT security point of view, PaperCut is brilliant and highly recommended.

Secure print release functionality not only protects confidential documents but helps to reduce wastage of unwanted prints. Mark comments, “Gone are the days where people go up to the copier and there’s stacks of paper or a full bin.”

A managed print solution with Arena includes remote monitoring of a device’s toner levels and ensures replacements are despatched on time to avoid running out of toner.

“We have automated toner deliveries which I don’t hear anything about as it just works in the background. We’ve never had a situation where we’ve gone to replace a toner and not had one there so you’re obviously monitoring us well which is great.”

Arena prides itself on the excellent service levels given to its customers, taking every precaution to ensure they are totally satisfied. Part of this initiative is to have regular meetings with Account Managers or Customer Relations Managers.

“My Account Manager will give me a call to check how things are or if there is anything he can help me with. More often than not, the catch ups are extremely quick as everything just works! Our Customer Relationship Manager is available for advice at any time. The biggest accolade I can give Arena is they are like a silent partner to me, but someone who we rely on to deliver. With other companies I deal with there is always something in the mix, but with Arena, there’s usually nothing until a review of the devices is needed.”

The Arena Service team is vital to daily operations, ensuring devices are functioning as they should whilst providing excellent customer service. All Arena engineers are highly trained and regularly receive outstanding customer feedback through our after-service courtesy calls carried out by our Customer Relations Team.

“We’ve struck up quite a personal relationship with the Service team at Arena. I know that if anything does happen to go wrong, I can rely on them to know what to do. I submit a call for an engineer and they arrive promptly. They know the drill of what to do, they turn up, fix it, and they are on their way. Logging of a support calls is very good. It’s quick and easy and probably takes 20-30 seconds.”

Having a fast response time is important for Romero Insurance as they heavily rely on their devices.

“If we were to experience any downtime, that would be a big issue for us, but it is very few and far between. Where some organisations could probably do without a photocopier or any printing device for a day or two, in our industry we can’t. All our customers need their documents that day or certainly the next day, so we are lucky that we have a reliable fleet across all floors. We needed a copier at our Stockton branch when one there wasn’t working. Our Account Manager came to the rescue by organising a copier to be swiftly swapped out. We didn’t have a backup unit in that office, so it was fantastic to have such a quick response. Within 24 hours the new copier was here, configured and put on our network. When we do have problems, I know they’ll just be dealt with.”