My experience with Arena has been superb. Arena had a better understanding of our business and how mstore could fit in and sort out our challenges. I think that you guys absolutely nailed it.

Mike Richards
Operations Director


The decision to move from paper

Mike Richards, Operations Director at Riccall Care, was motivated to consider electronic document management to address the amount of paper building up.

“We were having stacks and stacks of paper files coming back to the office and stored in various places, mostly the comments sheets that people write on in client homes and the medication administration record charts (MAR charts). We started to look at off site storage, but I’d never been happy with that as a long term solution. If you wanted records immediately or you wanted to sort something out then you’re going to have to get boxes back and there’s an ongoing cost.”

Mike reviewed two solutions, but found that mstore aligned better with their requirements. 

“Arena had a better understanding of our business and how mstore could fit in and sort out our challenges. The competition were just selling me a document management solution rather than one that would integrate into what we did.”

Simplifying care records management 

Mike’s priority was to change how his team worked with paper to improve efficiencies and be more robust.

“It was unwieldly having lots of bits of paper flying around, filing cabinets full of stuff that people have to walk to from their desk and open up, and people misfiling. We would quite often just spend hours trying to find one bit of paper that was perhaps on someone’s desk, or in the wrong part of the filing cabinet. Space was also becoming limited.”

Document retrieval is key to the success of mstore.

“I wanted something that could sit on everyone’s computer and that if anyone wanted to look at something at any time that they would be able to, including the people that review the comment sheets from client’s homes and MAR charts. If you wanted to see someone’s contract, they’re all also on there.” 

Valuable time is no longer being taken up hunting around for the right bit of paper. “I’d have to go through a box with probably 1200 bits of paper in just to find that one piece of paper. Whereas now, I type the name in, I find the date that’s applicable, I go to it and I page through it electronically.”

Managing assessment and compliance

Mike was also concerned about compliance. “I was aware that GDPR was coming and that we’d need to make some sort of provision for that.” 

Local authority and CQC assessments that can occur multiple times over a year have already been transformed, with the depth of information that Riccall Care can now share and the ease with which they are able to provide it. 

“Being able to pull all the required information together for an assessment could take a good few days. Whereas now I would expect it to take half a day because it is all there in mstore. We won’t have to get the files from the loft and from storage or this drawer or that drawer; it should all be in the same place.”

“The assessor can just sit at the computer, type in a client’s name and all the stuff was there: consent forms, original care plan documentation, assessment documentation, MAR charts, comment sheets, everything”

“It’s more than reassuring. When someone comes to do an assessment they’re looking to come and see if you’ve got a particular bit of paper, and if you’ve not got it, then they’re going to be saying that you’re not doing what you should be doing.”

New ways of working

Mike is finding that people have responded positively to the change though his leadership has proved an important success factor for system adoption.

“It’s certainly made things a lot easier. People managing the clients’ files do see the benefit. Where before there was a table with boxes piling up with mstore, within one month, that all went. And they can see that it’s not just getting these bits of paper in and doing nothing with them, it makes sense to them.”

Disaster recover

Part of Mike’s job is business continuity. He has to consider that if the office burned down tomorrow, what would happen. The answer lies with mstore.

“Now, all those bits of paper that we had in the loft and in the boxes are backed up on a nightly basis to an off-site repository. So if we did have to recover to an alternative site, we’d still have access to everything.”

Expanding across the organisation

Riccall Care is also keen to reduce paper elsewhere in the business. The initial mstore for care files solution is also a foundation on which other document management needs can be fulfilled with deployment to other parts of the business to further improve efficiencies, save space and add resilience.  Rolling out to financial and HR records will further improve document workflow, process automation and security.

Working with a trusted team

Arena were able to advise Mike without imposing a solution on him.

“My understanding of how it might work was wrong and I was quite rightly put right about a few things. I think that you guys absolutely nailed it.”

“My experience with Arena has been superb. From account manager and professional services to software development and the helpdesk, it’s all been fantastic.”