Arena is a number one approved supplier on the PfH framework. They gave us professional advice and a proposal that ticked all our boxes.

Colin Arnold
Head of ICT

Technical Support Analyst, Kevin Lawrence, explains: “The consolidation of our offices into one with a higher concentration of staff paired with the roll-out of mobile working and the introduction of virtual desktop technology demanded a new print and copy system.”

In addition, there was a need for greater control over print and copy costs and maintenance. Head of ICT, Colin Arnold, said: “We had a mixture of suppliers with no overall print management, auditing or budgeting tools. The main priorities were to deliver the print and copy infrastructure within the timescale and budget of the office move; we needed to enable mobile working and make sure we had the functionality we needed in the machines. We were also keen to reduce the cost of print and copy and increase our control over it, in particular waste and unnecessary printing. Maintenance is also important – keeping machines up and running – so we needed a resilient system and a reliable provider.”

Faced with tight deadlines, Magenta turned to the Procurement for Housing (PfH) framework. Approved PfH providers are thoroughly vetted against a range of criteria including their prices and the quality of their products and services. Colin said: “Arena is a number one approved supplier on the PfH framework. They gave us professional advice and a proposal that ticked all our boxes. We visited a referral site and met with other customers in addition to seeing demonstrations in Arena’s showroom. Their outstanding service reputation, good advice and PfH backing reassured us that we were making the right choice.”

Magenta Living

Arena has installed new multi-function devices that print, copy, fax and scan. Kevin added: “Working to tight deadlines, Arena worked closely with our project team to meet our schedule. Using one brand of device and a single provider means that maintenance and billing are straight-forward and transparent. Toner is supplied just when we need it so we no-longer need to source or store it, which saves us time and space.”

Software monitors output from the new machines and reports on user activity, while ‘Follow Me’ printing requires users to go to a machine to collect their pages. Colin explains further: “The printers default to mono, which has already reduced colour usage by 35%. ‘Follow Me’ printing also makes users more mindful of whether they need to print certain items. All of this is expected to reflect well on our costs and we are seeing employee behavior change for the better.”