The printers used to be everyone’s bugbear, from directors right down to office levels, and the system Arena installed has worked well in every department – financially, operationally, and strategically. The installation was very good, and account management support has also been excellent.

Gavin Black
Business Improvement & Contracts Manager


Arena installed a full MPS system at the Group’s 40 plus sites over a period of two to three weeks. After just seven months of using the system, Business Improvement & Contracts Manager at Longhurst Group, Gavin Black, is very pleased with the service, implementation, and savings Arena have to offer.

“Because we moved to mono from colour and because of the reduction in number of devices our savings are over 50%.”

Our dedicated team at Arena quickly understood Longhurst Group’s needs, reducing their colour print from 33% to 20% and setting each employee’s printing default to mono, which has created huge change for the Group.

“You can see why we have seen significant reductions.”

Longhurst Group had a previous contract with another supplier, and additional sites meant expanding the fleet of devices to more than was needed by employees. Not only this, Gavin notes that the contract costed the company more in the long run, as they remained paying for printers located in sites that went offline;

“Our previous solution just didn’t provide the reliability or flexibility we need, so confidence in the printers across the organisation was very low. We were at the stage where we were ready for new kit, but given some of the costs we weren’t interested in committing to a new contract.”

Arena secured the project with Longhurst Group after the company went through a framework agreement, allowing us to assess the company’s current print usage and requirements. Being the number one supplier to the Procurement for Housing (PfH) contract, Arena were able to initiate a conversation with Longhurst Group;

“I felt comfortable at the very start of the project that Arena were happy to advise on technical and hardware options, while still listening to our own requirements and needs.”

Despite the size of the project, Gavin notes he was very impressed with how smoothly the installation was implemented.

“The delivery was very good. As one team installed the devices another team configured them. This was all done in about a day, switching the old printers for the new, and it made the installation a lot smoother and quicker.”

There’s been a lot of feedback from all areas of the business following the project that employees are more aware of what they’re printing and how much.

Gavin also talks about PaperCut, software that allows businesses to better control their copy and print. He notes that PaperCut has made the process of portioning costs to the Group’s other companies easier and more accurate.

“The PaperCut software, implemented along with the hardware, means that staff now associate an actual cost to print. This makes them question if they need to print, for example, in colour – or if they have to print at all.”

Beyond cost savings the new installation will create, due to colour-to-mono and duplex printing now being a major part of the document process, Gavin also sees great benefits company-wide. The Group have recognised that implementation of the hardware has not just been about a change in technology, but a vital change in the company’s culture;

“Print used to be one of the top issues our service desk received on a daily basis. The new structure has reduced the amount of calls dramatically. The printers used to be everyone’s bugbear, from directors right down to office levels, and the system Arena installed has worked well in every department – financially, operationally, and strategically.”

Not just a print service, Arena are also renowned for its professional service and support.

“The entire process has been really good, right from the audit and assessment to the implementation and the day-to-day running of it. The account management support has also been excellent, and you wouldn’t expect the level of service and savings Arena’s MPS solution provide, because people just want printers to work.” 

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