We don’t want to be calling you lots and we haven’t had to. The machines work which is how it should be.

Roy Taylor
Estates Manager

Roy Taylor, Facilities Manager for Harewood describes the difficulties in bringing the print fleet management of the two together; “Both entities has some old, dilapidated machines, from three suppliers in total.” They went to tender, inviting all three of the current incumbents, plus Arena who had been recommended to them.

A well planned installation

Roy had a clear plan of what they needed, and Arena’s advice helped to finalise it; “We said what we wanted and Arena showed us the best machines and catered for our needs.” This made the process much more straight-forward; “Sometimes I spend weeks making changes when I am procuring. This time it was so simple because you knew what we wanted so it just went smoothly.”

With the office move imminent, and Roy and the team still working out of Portakabins, communication and understanding from Arena was vital. “You were flexible and delivered exactly what we wanted, when we wanted it. We had one machine delivered earlier to replace an old machine when it broke down, but the rest of the install was as we moved. We left the old office, and by the time we were settled in the new one, the print infrastructure was ready to go.”

A joined up solution

With a new consolidated management team, comes a combined print solution; “All of the printers are now joined so we can print between offices. With a range of devices, we can send documents to the appropriate machine, regardless of which office we are in.” This offers flexibility; “There wasn’t enough work for two large machines so being able to print to it remotely allows the efficiency of not having to drive between offices.”

Roy has also been impressed by the impact of mobile print; “I use mobile print more than I expected. I used it once and it was easy so now I use it more often, it enhances meetings and means that we can print documents without loading up a PC.” They have opened it up too to allow guests to use it when necessary.

The training was a great help when transitioning to new machines; “Arena did a session and then a repeat for anyone that missed it. They were well delivered and everybody got it. As all of the machines are very similar, if you can work one, you can work them all.”

Efficiency and reporting

Roy explains the default settings that they have set up to ensure that printing is as efficient as possible; “We have two sided, black and white printing as standard across the board. We have also itemised the billing so we can check on which departments spend what and look into it if necessary.”

The billing has further helped them to really understand costs. “We can now put prices on campaigns. Before it was just time and wages but now we can be much more confident when we look to see if a campaign pays off.”

Roy’s report

As a facilities manager, Roy explains that no news is good news. “I haven’t had any feedback as I usually only hear when things go wrong. Silence is enough of a positive for me and usually a sign that things are working well!” He commented that it is the same for Arena; “We don’t want to be calling you lots and we haven’t had to. The machines work which is how it should be.”

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