I've already recommended Arena to a couple of law firms on the back of having mstore installed as it's worked out so well.

Adam Cheal
Managing Director

“We first met Arena to discuss our copy and print set up, however at the time we were changing our case management system to Visualfiles, so we had a discussion about mstore and how that could work with our new system. We had a lot of paper post which was becoming a hassle for us, so we wanted a solution to be able to manage it better.”

The solution implemented for Fletcher Longstaff now ensures incoming post is dealt with faster and reduces the problems associated with keeping paper around the office. Previously, incoming post would need to be opened and manually distributed to the correct member of staff. As post is the main source of incoming documents, this not only takes time for Adam to manage this, but also for his colleagues who are waiting to receive their post.

With their digitised solution in place, now the post is opened and then batched scanned into mstore. The intuitive software automatically reads a document using optical character recognition, twice validates identifiable data to ensure the document is then automatically filed to the correct matter within the case management system, ready for the correct member of staff to action. Any outstanding documents are put into an exceptions queue to be actioned, then put straight into the team’s action list to be dealt with.

Not only does this bring obvious time saving benefits from an automated process, but it also enables Adam to provide more flexible working for the Fletcher Longstaff team.

“It’s a much more efficient process now as it allows people to work more flexibly from home as they are still getting their post assigned to their case files when away from the office, so this new flexibility gives a better work-life balance.”

Adam also recognises another benefit of having centralised documents, “We like to make our processes as automated as possible. Instead of having to deal with paper all over the place, it’s all now in one centralised location. We only keep wet documents and original deeds, everything else gets scanned on, is held for a week then destroyed. We can filter on the case management system to check the post stream that comes through from mstore so we can see all of our files in one place, making it all a lot easier. It’s now much more straightforward rather than flicking through to try and find paper documents.”

Digitising their mailroom with mstore has also saved on storage costs. Adam explains, “We’ve saved probably £500-600 per month on storage. One month we had a large number of boxes of files to send away to another company to manage which cost us around £2,500. Now when a file is closed, the contents are scanned on to mstore and the paper documents are securely destroyed, so this is a massive saving. We’ve used this to reinvest into advertising to bring in more work for us.”

Due to the nature of a legal firm, the GDPR and keeping confidential information safe is paramount. With less paper being held around the office, the likelihood of a breach is dramatically reduced. Adam comments, “We are working nearly completely paperless on files now so from a security point of view this is great.”

Arena always aims to ensure total satisfaction from the delivery and implementation stage of a project through to completion and continuously into the future. “I’ve got a good relationship with my account manager, he’s always prompt to respond which is amazing.” confirms Adam.

Adam also found Arena’s in house software development team to be working well behind the scenes for him. “The implementation was straightforward. Our IT is outsourced to another company so the Arena development team will have had to work with different parties, but they were really good at keeping us in the loop with everything that they were working on. As mstore works with our case management system, the development team needed to work with them too and this was all dealt with between themselves, so this made the process easier for me. They also set up our faxes as well, so they now go into mstore and are automatically assigned to cases so I no longer need to monitor these which again is saving me more time.”

Having worked with a range of leading case management systems, Arena has the experience and knowledge of creating a streamlined solution for individual mailroom processes for legal firms. “As Arena had already worked with Visualfiles this was a good standing point for me.” agrees Adam.

When asked if he would recommend Arena to other law firms, Adam replied, “I’ve already recommended Arena to a couple of law firms on the back of having mstore installed as it’s worked out so well.”