Looking back I have no regrets about changing supplier. I have found Arena to have a real interest in developing a long-term supplier relationship with us.

Karen Hosker
Partner and Head of Finance & Administration

With around 100 members of staff and a document rich working environment, the busy firm needed a managed print solution to help them to lower their wastage and work more efficiently.

EAD Solicitors has been working together with Arena Group since 2016. After seeing an article in a legal magazine, Karen Hosker, Partner and Head of Finance & Administration, got in touch to see how Arena could help. Karen explained, “Our previous copy and print supplier was charging us too much, Arena’s pricing was much more in line with what we were looking for."

Following an evaluation of the firm’s previous copy and print setup, a new solution was proposed with which the number of devices could be nearly halved, reducing them down from 12 devices to 7. Steve Gould, Head of IT, told us about the installation, "The install of the new devices went well. There was a quick turnaround and it was all managed within a reasonable timescale."

In addition to wanting to lower their costs, the firm had a problem with the amount of paper that was being wasted. "We would end up with stacks of paper at the end of the day on each printer", Karen explained, "this amount of wastage was a problem for us and we wanted to reduce this down."

To tackle this, Arena introduced the firm to PaperCut MF, a piece of print management software embedded within the devices which has a range of features to make print activity more efficient.

"PaperCut has an excellent set up, it’s easy to forget that it’s running in the background, it hasn’t skipped a beat so far", commented Steve, "I’d cry blue murder if it was taken away us!" Karen shares the same enthusiasm, "PaperCut is fantastic, we were aiming to use less paper and I really like the savings we are making. The amount of paper which was being wasted was clear, but we don’t have that anymore. We only print what we need now, it sounds simple but all together it makes a huge difference."

Currently, EAD Solicitors are mostly taking advantage of the reporting features and Find-Me printing with secure print release. The extensive reporting feature of PaperCut allows users to have a complete overview of all activity sent to the device, including a range of user and print based reports which can be managed centrally. Karen analyses their reports quarterly, "The reporting feature is brilliant and can be done really quickly. I use it to look at and monitor how much each member of staff is printing."

With better overall visibility and staff now becoming more aware of what they are printing, this has encouraged a positive change in staff behaviour. Karen comments, "We are all now more aware of the quantity we are printing and if what we are going to print is really necessary. It has made us all think differently and think twice before we send something to print."

Find-Me printing is a roaming print service where users can send a document to print and retrieve it from any device on the network. Karen said, "The Find-Me aspect is brilliant because of what we are now able to do with it. It’s great that we can just print wherever we need to." Each member of staff has an ID card which they use to securely release their print job. When a document is sent to print, PaperCut holds the job on the print server until the user has been authenticated and has activated it, keeping documents confidential and decreasing the amount of uncollected prints and therefore waste. If a document isn’t released, it won’t be printed.

By implementing a managed print solution which runs unnoticeably in the background, the firm has now achieved the desired changes in staff behaviour towards their print usage, consequently creating time and costs savings. Due to changes in staff numbers it is difficult to put an exact figure on cost savings, however Karen stated "I know for sure with the help of Arena we will have made a significant saving, you can see that clearly as the amount of paper wastage which used to be left on the devices at the end of each day is no longer there."

Going forward, Steve is considering how the firm can further streamline their print solution by looking at other features PaperCut can provide. "We have our own macros set up at the moment which help us, but after discussing it with our account manager we are interested in some other settings PaperCut has which could be useful for us, such as defaulting to black and white duplex printing."

It is clear that working with Arena has made a considerable difference to the firm. Karen concludes, "Looking back I have no regrets about changing supplier. I have found Arena to have a real interest in developing a long-term supplier relationship with us. Our account manager is very approachable and professional and I always feel that he has a genuine commitment to addressing any issues that might arise."