I believe that our mstore electronic document storage project will have a huge positive impact on Donnelly Group systems and processes. Working closely with the team at Arena Group, we utilised their knowledge and experience to map our workflow, creating an efficient fit for purpose system.

Leslie Savage​

Donnelly Group is the largest independently owned new and used vehicle dealer in Northern Ireland with an annual turnover in excess of £300 million. Over 700 people are employed in their 8 retail sites which encompass 19 manufacturer franchises from Dacia to Jaguar Land Rover, and their used car Motorstores.

Around 25 documents, including print outs from electronic systems, were kept in the deal file, and each deal was monitored and managed by the sales management and sales administration at each individual site. Donnelly Group recognised the need to introduce an electronic document management system capable of capturing all relevant documents from the sales process and provide a checking mechanism for audit. 

In addition to existing manufacturer and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) audit and compliance activities, Donnelly Group had also been considering forward planning to meet anticipated requirements emerging from the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Addressing needs

Through conversations and scoping activity, the Arena team was able to propose an electronic workflow through Arena’s mstore for automotive platform to address the process of capturing, auditing and archiving all documents that should be contained in the deal file. This solution could then provide a platform on which to implement electronic filing and processing for other departments, including service, finance and HR which also come under similar scrutiny.

Leslie Savage, Director at Donnelly Brothers, explains, “I believe that our mstore electronic document storage project will have a huge positive impact on Donnelly Group systems and processes. Working closely with the team at Arena Group, we utilised their knowledge and experience to map our workflow, creating an efficient fit for purpose system.”

With mstore for automotive, only the original V5 documents need to be kept, reducing the need for off-site storage, freeing up prime site space and removing the hassle of managing and searching in archived paper files. The potential for misplacing deal files or specific documents and the duplication of deal files has also been eliminated. 

Flexibility and integration

Direct capture of electronic documents and data from the dealer management (DMS) and other systems, avoids double keying information and saves the cost of print of documents.Time and cost was also saved from moving documents between offices.

Easy access by relevant staff to the deal file and reporting data improves control and management. Administration staff are able to cover for absences at branches without the need to travel, leading to improved customer service and turnaround of sales.

Compliance made easy

Donnelly Group has reduced the risk of non-compliance to regulations through automatic monitoring of missing documentation, ensuring timely follow up by the right team member. Significant cost and time has also been saved with centralised auditing of deal files, reducing the amount of time in respect of on-site audits.

Individual document retention periods are automatically managed, providing protection from non-compliance and managing archives more efficiently.

Successful landing and future proofing

Arena worked closely with the Donnelly Group project team in order to understand the needs of the Group, developing a solution closely aligned to their requirements, whilst applying expertise on software and workflows gained from similar organisations. 

Guidance and training was provided to ensure the software was effectively adopted by both sales and administration to leverage the maximum benefits of mstore for automotive, receiving high praise from one particular trainee: “Overall, delighted with system and looking forward to following through”. On-going support by Arena’s helpdesk team continues to provide reassurance, advice and trouble-shooting services.

The UK-based Arena team is also able to support a future roll out of document management into other key areas of the business, ensuring the enterprise-wide control of document storage. Donnelly Group is already considering digitising their service documentation storage, allowing efficient remote auditing of warranty paperwork and secure storage of confidential material.

Similarly, mstore’s finance platform enables invoice approval automation and the HR platform provides secure storage of personal documents with on-boarding and other process automation. Arena’s bespoke software capabilities ensure effective configuration of all existing mstore platforms, as well as the option to create solutions specific to the organisation’s needs.

Leslie continues, “I’m pleased that we commenced the project when we did as it is not only meeting our current needs but also helping us plan for future requirements.” 

Video case study

Director Leslie Savage, and Compliance Manager, Liam Bradley explain how mstore has transformed working for the Donnelly Group.