We’ve reclaimed half of the downstairs office now and taken the filing cabinets out of reception.

John Dakin

Cresswells had been considering electronic document management (EDM) software for a while but not yet taken the plunge. Flood damage to the archives that rendered the ground floor unsuitable for storage proved to be the catalyst to moving the process forwards.

No Surprises

Before purchasing mstore, Cresswells put a lot of thought into EDM software and the benefits it could bring. John Dakin, Partner, explains; “The main positives for us with mstore are the space saving, disaster recovery and ease of use. We knew what we were expecting and there have been no surprises.”

The whole process has been straight forward for Cresswells as John comments; “The installation was very good, linking to our existing hardware and now the service is delivered remotely.”

Cresswells consulted with Arena to mirror their existing processes and minimise change for the staff; “The team noted our requirements and structured the system accordingly. It is the same system that we used with paper documents but it is now electronic.”

The Advantages

There is a lot of written correspondence from Cresswells but there are no longer filling cabinets in the offices. “All correspondence from the company is scanned into mstore once the job is completed, then the documents are destroyed.” The results of this are clear to see; ‘We’ve reclaimed half of the downstairs office now and taken the filing cabinets out of reception.”

Documents are now safe whatever the weather throws at them as Cresswells have the archives protected with cloud-based back-ups. The benefits of having documents available remotely has not been lost on Cresswells. John mentions; “We will be opening a satellite office later in 2015 in Halifax, therefore mstore will be of even more benefit.”

The staff had no problems adapting to the new system, as John explains; “We trained the staff on the new software and they adapted to it very quickly. mstore is simple to use, if we don’t remember how to do something we just call up to ask."

The Arena Team

“Your service is wonderful” commented John, before explaining; “When we call in for service it is acknowledged and then we are updated. It is important to be kept informed. The support calls are quick and the response time is important – it is usually the same day.”

The Complete Arena Service

Cresswells is also a print and copy customer of Arena’s – in fact they have been since 2003. The reason behind this is clear to John; “It comes back to the service again, I’ve been here for ten years and there haven’t been any problems in that time.”

“We need machines working so it’s important to have them fixed properly and quickly.” He notes the importance of this to the firm; “We sell time. When there is a problem it’s amazing how many of our staff can get sucked in to fixing it.”

He has no qualms approaching Arena for help or advice with the machines as Arena is always ready to help further; “nothing is ever too much trouble.”

When asked to summarise his experiences with Arena it was easy; “It’s all about the service. Put simply; you are a reliable supplier.”