Arena showed such a degree of commitment from our initial meeting. We knew we were dealing with a provider we could trust to deliver a large and complex undertaking. It was clear from the start that Arena had experience of similar large scale deployments.

Rohan George
Head of Property and Procurement

Community Integrated Care engaged Arena to install a brand new print and copy infrastructure across its 350 sites. Rohan George, Head of Property and Procurement, commented; “the mobilisation was challenging because Arena had to deliver into individual personal homes. Each site is unique and nothing like a commercial environment, so it demanded flexibility, respect and a degree of sensitivity.”

Individual deliveries had to be carefully planned to accommodate each site’s needs and timetables; “Arena worked out of hours or at short notice to suit us. The installation was completed two weeks early and overall we have had very few complaints about the delivery or the functionality of the devices. That’s impressive when you consider the number of sites, distances to travel and numbers of people involved.”

The Challenge

Community Integrated Care initially reviewed its print and copy strategy to relieve a burden from its workforce. Rohan explained; “sites purchased their own printers, scanners, fax machines and consumables. They each had a unique set-up and associated problems so our central IT team were spending most of their time – literally hundreds of hours - dealing with print and copy issues.”

Cost was also a concern; “although we are not-for-profit, it’s important that we generate surplus income to invest back into our front line services. Print and copy was an area where we could deliver greater control and transparency – and where we saw a potential for savings.”

The Solution

Arena’s dedicated Professional Services Team conducted a print audit across a number of Community Integrated Care sites. Rohan commented; “they showed such a degree of commitment from our initial meeting. We knew we were dealing with a provider we could trust to deliver a large and complex undertaking. It was clear from the start that Arena had experience of similar large scale deployments and we were impressed by their guarantees on service response times and their first time fix track record. They asked all the right questions and gave us reliable advice - they really can demonstrate an outstanding service reputation.”

Kyocera multi-function devices (MFDs) were trialled in several sites and received sparkling reviews; “in terms of ease of use and functionality they are fantastic.” From here, the overall infrastructure was designed; “we had detailed and distinct parameters for Arena to adhere to and they adapted the system to work around these for each site.”

The removal of old machines was a crucial step; “Arena dealt with what might have been a stressful task and that was a weight off my mind. Once our head office installation was done on time and without major issues we felt reassured that we were in for a smooth roll out across the business.”

The final solution encompasses the following elements;

  • A new print and copy strategy featuring policies to govern user behaviour, manage output and minimise waste.
  • New Kyocera MFDs installed at all sites with user training provided.
  • Arena’s Managed Print Service (MPS) to simplify toner supplies, maintenance and billing.
  • Defaults set on machines to limit colour output, one-sided printing and waste.
  • “Follow Me” software on head office MFDs to track output and user activity.

Tangible Results

A smarter print and copy culture:

Rohan noted; “I used to walk through the office and see a stack of uncollected paper on every printer. We’ve already made a noticeable improvement and we expect to make significant financial savings just from reduced output.” A 20% reduction in colour usage is expected by the end of year one, in addition to around 40,000 pages saved from the recycling bin, which will drive costs down even further.

Increased efficiency:

Rohan cited the introduction of consistent technology across the business as a major advantage; “every site has the same device brand and just one machine to print, copy, scan and fax. We no-longer need to worry about separate fax lines - a decision that immediately reduced our costs. Our IT team know exactly what they are dealing with when they get a support call; anything relating to the MFDs will be dealt with by Arena so we can focus on higher priority work.”

Simplified management:

Toner and maintenance are now managed by Arena under a managed print service; “we don’t have staff at our sites spending time on buying toner or replacing broken machines - they can do the more important and skilled jobs that they are employed for.”


At headquarters, employees must visit a printer to release their print jobs; “it took some getting used to but the ‘Follow Me’ printing prevents confidential documents from being left on printers.”

Transparent costs:

“We can report on output and see exactly who is printing what. We get one regular, consolidated invoice so we only need to review our spending annually. This creates fantastic administration efficiencies. We also enjoy the benefit of a long-term partnership with Arena, which means we won’t need to review our print and copy strategy again in the near future.”

Next steps

Rohan made the point that printing is likely to remain business critical for Community Integrated Care in the long term; “CQC requirements dictate that we must keep documents such as Individual Care Plans in hard copy format. We also need fax machines to communicate with GPs and pharmacies.” However, the next phase of the document management strategy is an investigation into processes and documents that could potentially be automated and digitised using Arena’s mstore software for electronic document and records management (EDRMS). “This would reduce our operating costs further and give our workforce more time to invest at the front line.”

Video case study

Community Integrated Care's Head of Property & Procurement, Rohan George, talks about how Arena's "Follow Me" system benefits the company.