Arena has been really good, there are no negatives; the staff are really professional and helpful.

Claire Harrison
HR Advisor

Claire Harrison, HR Advisor at Nottingham Central College admitted; “I thought it would be difficult to digitise the way we work in HR but it’s been such an easy process. That’s because of Arena they’ve just made it such an easy project.”

mstore means that a subject data access request (SAR) no longer involves a long process; “Searching for a document is a lot faster and easier than we expected. Before mstore we had to look through the paper file and go through page by page for the information we needed. Now we can just search by a word across all of the digital cabinets in mstore. It saves a lot of time.”

The new system has affected employee behavior too, as Claire explains; “the team would make a pile of all their paper for filing and then take it into the filing room. It would build up and turn into a big task which they did not enjoy. mstore has made the filing task so much quicker, as you can file as you work. No more filing bits of paper!”

Through working with mstore day-to-day, Claire has found other benefits; “my first thought was about the space we’d save. Central College Nottingham was formed through a merger between Castle College and South Nottingham College. The number of records we handle significantly increased; we’ve got over a thousand HR records. It used to be that everything we did generated paper so the fact that it is all electronic is brilliant.” 

Arena's Scanning Bureau prepared and scanned all of the College’s archived documents, previously stored in filing cabinets. Claire appreciated the service saying; “the Bureau team were really friendly and efficient. They've been really flexible when we have had to change deadlines or which documents we needed scanning”.

In addition to creating a “less paper office” for the College, mstore is also increasing efficiency; “all our standard HR forms - sickness absence notes, for example – are completed and processed electronically.  We receive them via email and we save them straight into mstore. It saves so much time.”

“Arena has been really good, there are no negatives” Claire states before explaining; “the staff are really professional and helpful and that’s the main thing; they always get back to me so quickly when I have a question.”

The College is now looking to the future; “we piloted mstore in HR and, because it went so well, we’re now looking to roll it out to the Learner Services team within the College”.