I can work from anywhere. If I’m out of the office I can access documents in mstore - even on the train on my way home. My time away from the office has been made much more productive.

Fazila Loonat
Senior Surveyor

“We had over 2500 files full of paper and we knew that there just wouldn’t be room for them in our new offices”, Senior Surveyor, Fazila Loonat explained. 

The decision was made to digitize CBRE’s paper archive of around 250,000 pages. Whilst they were busy managing their office move, it was important that the process didn’t impact upon the business.

Fazila commented; “Arena prepared us a proposal to scan our paper documents and install mstore so that we could manage them electronically. The plan they presented made sense and was very easy to understand.”

“The process we put in place went really smoothly, files were collected by Arena in three batches and scanned. On a few occasions we needed to retrieve a file from Arena urgently and we generally received the document on the same day; Arena’s Scanning Bureau team was really helpful.”

Fazila explained the benefits that mstore, Arena’s software for electronic document management, has had on CBRE’s customer service. “Before we had mstore, when a client called we may have had to take their details, search for a file and call them back later, which could take up to 30 minutes. Now, we can find information while we are still on the phone. This has made us much more responsive.”

CBRE Reception

The searching itself has also been simplified; “searching in mstore is excellent; even the text is searchable so we can just type a keyword to find a document, it’s a big time saver. Arena introduced a barcoding system too, which has made filing much quicker.”

“Our dedicated filing clerk was moved into a different role and now everyone is responsible for their own filing; it’s a much more efficient way to work and means our people can focus on higher priority tasks.”

Although saving space was vital, Fazila has been most impressed by the remote access that mstore offers. “I can work from anywhere. If I’m out of the office I can access documents in mstore - even on the train on my way home. I don’t need to take paper out with me or contact the office if I need information. My time away from the office has been made much more productive.”

The success gained from using Arena’s Scanning Bureau and mstore software hasn’t gone unnoticed; “lots of our offices are following suit, trying to reduce paper usage and asking for our advice. We were delighted with the service so we have been recommending Arena to other departments and offices.”