We are very excited by a tool with the potential to give us a plethora of information we can’t get by other means, and immediately. Now we are looking at ways we could make the report more detailed and specific to each ship.

Richard Parker
Systems Analyst Passenger Services

A speedy system to capture customer opinion for Carnival UK is enabling the cruise company to deal with customers’ feedback whilst they are still on board ship. Arena installed customer satisfaction software on the new Queen Elizabeth liner.

Arena’s mstore scanning system ‘reads’ answers to a detailed customer satisfaction questionnaire, ensuring that no holiday maker leaves the ship with a negative experience.

The speed at which holiday companies respond, and act, on issues highlighted through customer satisfaction surveys is a critical element for businesses in the highly competitive leisure market.

Being able to replace a manual turnaround process that could take as long as six weeks to complete has revolutionised the concept of customer service for those travelling and working for the luxury cruise company.

Carnival UK, the parent company of P&O Cruises and Cunard Line is renowned for high standards of service and was keen to explore how new technology could help deliver even better results for customers, at less cost.

With a full report generated in less than in two hours, the technology is taking customer service into a new era of sophistication. The system highlights items rated as ‘fair’ or ‘poor’ and also extracts handwritten comments, so staff can hone in on specific service issues, correcting them before the next group of passengers travel.

Richard Parker, Systems Analyst Passenger Services at Carnival UK said being able to link Arena’s software to existing multi-function copiers helps the business maximise its existing resources and make significant savings.

Arena’s software, compatible with the ship’s existing computer system, allows passenger data to be merged so customer satisfaction questionnaires in the right language are delivered to the correct cabins. On the larger ships this could involve as many as 3,500 passengers.

Managers can use comparative studies to monitor across the fleet and ensure great employees are recognised and rewarded and standards are consistent.

Arena has already created modules to introduce ‘floating questions’ so that customers can give feedback on themed evenings and entertainment that are route specific. In the long term Carnival UK may widen the scope of the questionnaire to analyse customer demand for specific destinations.