Arena has transformed the way we work with documents; they have delivered so many positive outcomes that we wouldn’t be in such a strong competitive position without them.


Bursar, Ian Findlay told us: "Arena helped us review our document processes and identified areas for improvement and cost reduction. Through addressing one issue at a time we have been able to manage each project separately so that we were not faced with the daunting task of dealing with everything all at once. Each time we have started out with an aim in mind, such as speeding up a specific process or reducing wasted print jobs, but we have also seen additional benefits resulting from our efforts."

"Arena has worked with us on our print and copy strategy, introducing a managed print service. Our focus here has been on making sure we have machines located where they are needed, greater transparency and reduced waste.We know exactly how much we’re spending and Arena takes care of toner, consumables and maintenance. With so much going on in school each day it is reassuring to know that our print and copy system works, is reliably maintained and delivers good value for money. "

In addition to this, Arena worked with the school to reduce the amount of paper records held in storage and speed-up back office processes. “We were previously overrun with paper and properly managing our print and copy strategy is really just the first step in tackling this. Arena is very knowledgeable about the legal obligations surrounding records management in schools and their mstore software is developed specifically to address our challenges. The financial benefits are significant and we have reduced our paper consumption even further. We have cleared storage space through shredding our archives and, in doing so the risk of damage and loss to our records has been minimised.”